Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lola Is One!

My little Lola bean has gone and turned one!  How did that happen so fast?  I look back at the last year and it has gone by so quickly.  I think this year went even faster than Tait's first year.  It was a fun one and I am so proud of my little girl and her sweet heart.

Tait woke up so excited that Lola was 12 months today"
 She was pretty proud of herself as well:

Lola, What are you up to this month:
  • I am not sure how much you weigh. We take you in Monday for your 1 year appointment.  We will see then how big you are an dhow much you have grown.  I am betting you are between 19 and 20 lbs.  Even though that sounds so big, you are still quite small compared to other babies your size.
  • You are wearing 6-12 month in all of your clothes.  I have put you in some 12 month things, but they are still too big for you.  Most of your zippered sleepers are still 6-9 month size.  I still have you in size 4 diapers as well.
  • You are off of the bottle!  The week before you turned one you decided that you were fine without it.  We took you off and started giving you milk in a sippy and you haven't looked back since.  You were an easy one to wean off of bottles.  Let's hope the pacifier will be as easy in a few months.  I haven't weaned you from that quite yet since I wanted to do one thing at a time.
  • You are standing.  You don't do it often without keeping your grip on something but you are doing it more and more each day.  This morning I was wearing a maxi skirt and you were holding onto my skirt and walking with me.  I am certain you could walk alone if you wanted to, but you seem to not be ready to start that quite yet.
  • You are holding strong at 6 teeth, two on bottom and four on top.  I haven't seen any new ones recently start to break through.
  • The big news this month is that when I picked you up from school yesterday they had your hair in a pony on the top of your head!  It was super cute and reminded me that I should start doing more with your hair.  Even though you don't have much hair still, you have enough to start styling and making you look like pebbles!
I have a few other pictures to add just because they are cute:

Yesterday I went into the kitchen to find Tait has poured himself a bowl of cereal and was reading the back of the box.  Sometimes I forget how big he is and how much he has grown over the last five years.  This boy makes my heart ache at how much I love him as well.  

He certainly loves his little sister and tells you how cute you are everyday.  He tells you all the time how much he loves you and that you are his favorite little sister.  He was sneaking you some Captain Crunch cereal in the picture below and telling you how big you were and how proud he was of you.

You were pretty shocked at being 12 months as well!

Tait's newest obsession is trying to get around the fireplace with his arm strength.  He has made it about 3/4th around using just his arms and is so proud when he gets that far.  

On your actual birthday we had a family day.  We went to Starbucks and then went to a local cafe in the Springdale airport.  Afterwards, we stopped at Bliss Cupcakes to buy you a cupcake for your birthday.  As much as you love sweets, you were not much of a fan of the cupcake.  You picked at it, but you didn't dig in as much as I expected.

Today (on Saturday) we planned a birthday party at the local splashpark.  Unfortunately, temps in the high 40's forced us to move the party indoors.  We decided to go ahead and have it at home.  We had a Flamingo party because of the adorable outfit I had bought you.  We planned the party around this cute outfit, very fitting for my life now with a girl.  ha ha.

Shelby's Lynn Cake Shoppe did your cake and she did a fantastic job once again.  Your dad had a cute cartoon of a little girl standing behind a flamingo and imitating it.  This was her take on the cartoon.  I loved the sparkly gold that stood out on the cake.  The little girl was adorable as well.  She made you a rose smash cake that looked too beautiful to eat.  We had a Neopolitan flavored cake, so it was layered with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla!  It was delicious!!!

Some of our friends came to help us celebrate.  Sydney, Mason, Gabby, Cora, Evan, Emily, Myles and many more that are so special to us!

We asked our friends to bring donations to the local NICU instead of presents to help other parents going through what we went through a year ago.  Those weeks were very difficult, but we had good friends to help us through the time and it was so nice celebrating with those friends your first birthday this year.  Some friends broke the no gift rule and you got a little spoiled still.  You loved your kitty that Cora got you.  I have said it many times, but I have to say it again that we are so lucky to have such good friends!

Lola, we love your sweet smile and your sweet heart.  You are the most wonderful little girl that we could have ever imagined.  You may not sleep through the night alone and you may think that being held is a good alternative to walking on your own, but we wouldn't trade one thing on your sweet and feisty personality!  You are the perfect addition to our family.  As Tait tells us often "I think we will keep you."

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