Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lola is 11 months old!

Wow!  Another month has passed and I am having a hard time believing in one short month my baby will be one!  Lola is 11 months old and still the sweetest little girl I have known.  It is hard to think that I was pregnant this time last year and didn't even know if she was a girl or a boy.  As surprising as it is to believe she is so old, I still can't remember a life without her sweet smile.

What are you up to this month, Sassy Pants?

  • Last month you were just over 17lbs, so I would bet you are about 18.5 lbs now.  You are still very petite and much smaller than most babies your age.  There are a couple of your friends that are small like you, but most little ones look months older than you because you are so petite.  
  • You are wearing size 6-12 months in Gap brand and size 9 months in Carters and Mud Pie (which Mud pie runs very small).  You are wearing size 4 diapers.  You could wear a size 3, but size 4 fit and I don't see the point in buying the smaller ones and risking you outgrowing them.  I don't remember staying in size 3 with Tait either, so I guess size 3 and 4 are very close in sizing for diapers in general.  
  • You are doing great on food.  This month your favorite foods were corn, peas, and cheese.   I gave you oatmeal with some milk and brown sugar and you LOVED IT!!  You also loved sweet potato.  It is interesting because you were not a fan when we made sweet potato puree, but with a little butter you went wild over it!  I definitely have a sweet toothed baby with you my dear.  I will have to watch that as you get older.  You are still eating 4 bottles a day.  Yesterday you went with only 2 bottles (one when you woke up and one before bed) but you woke up hungry in the middle of the night.  I think you still need at least one afternoon bottle to fill you up.  We are working on getting you to drink colder bottles because you like them warm and I am afraid you will not transition to milk for your birthday (in only a month, yikes!).  Tait had no issue, but you my dear are very opinionated!  ha ha
  • You still have that adorable chimpanzee crawl despite therapy 2x a week.  I think this is just how you prefer to crawl.  You are pulling up on everything lately and starting to cruise around furniture and behind the lion.  It is interesting to think that last month you didn't really pull up on anything and this month you are pulling up on everything.  Your favorite thing is to crawl to my lap and use me to help you stand up.  I have some videos and you are so proud of yourself when you do this.  You stick out that "concentration tongue" and it makes me laugh every time.  
    • Yesterday Stephanie had me video it because it is so cute.
    • You also have this adorable "circle scoot" where you turn yourself in a circle when sitting.  
  • You just cut your top 4 teeth making your total at 6 teeth.  Your top teeth came in with your right incisor first and you then cut all 4 in a row across from right to left.  it was interesting.  Your left incisor is still cutting through.  However, you have done very well with the teething.  I think the teething amber necklace is a good buy.  
  • This last month you have really taken to a pacifier.  I walked into daycare and you were sucking on one.  It put me off for a moment because you have never really taken to one.  I guess the teeth are making you want to suck on one, but you are sucking on it more than chewing.  I am not sure why you started and hope now that this is not something we will have to break you from later on.
  • We switched you to zyrtec this month and it has made a difference.  You currently have a bad cough and I think I may need to take you to the dr.  It has a bark to it but other than that you are pretty healthy.  
  • This month has been a challenge to take your picture with all of your crawling, but I tried my best.  You are certainly cute when trying to crawl out of the red chair!

And here are the reasons why we think you are a puppy and not a baby...
  • You love to beg for food when we are cooking in the kitchen
  • You steal brother's matching cards
  • Your hair is getting thicker! (finally, ha ha)
We love you sweet girl!