Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lola is 10 Months Old!

I can't believe another month has passed and my baby girl is 10 months old.  This time last year we were watching my growing belly and wondering who this little life in my belly would become  Now I watch my smiley little cuddlebug and cannot imagine a life without her.

What are you up to this month?
  • Lola, you are probably about 18lbs right now.  You are still quite petite and are wearing a 6-12 month onesie in this picture.  You can still wear 6 month Carter clothes and I worry all of the 12 month clothes I bought you for summer won't fit!!  You are starting to fill out, but are very short according to the Dr.'s chart at 7th percentile for height.  I wonder if I have a tiny thing on my hands and think it would be fun if you topped out at around 5'2" when you grow up!  
  • You are still wearing a size 3 diaper, though a size 4 works well too.  
  • One thing for sure, you love food.  You have no interest in baby food, so we took you to the toddler menu at school and you eat table food at home.  Your bottles have also gone down as you start to wean yourself for real food.  Your favorite foods are Starbuck's pumpkin bread, shredded cheese and peas!  You also like bananas if I will just give you the entire thing to hold!  You are down to 4 bottles a day eating 6-8oz per bottle.  You go 5-6 hours between bottles during the day now that you are eating 3 meals a day!
  • Your brother is your favorite person in the world.  He comes around and you giggle like crazy.  He loves you as well.  I love to watch you outside the baby gate at his door as you look in and try to get him to play with you!
  • You are still crawling like a champ and since doing therapy once a week, you have started crawling on your knees more.  You still do your funny chimpanzee crawl on hard floors, and I secretly love that goofy little crawl.  You just smile and crawl so fast that it makes me smile and pick you up for cuddles.  What can I say?  You have me trained!  You can stand up, but don't have much of an interest.  You are on your knees and put your right foot flat, but you don't like to push up to stand.  
  • You like to "dance" to music.  I love it because your brother was not much of a dancer and still doesn't like to dance.  
  • You did bite your first friend this month.  I had forgotten your teething necklace at the photographer's house and between the snow and your daddy's trip to Brazil, I just didn't have a chance to get it.  I ended up ordering a backup and since putting it on you seemed to do better.  You still have 2 teeth on the bottom.  I thought your top teeth were coming in, but they still haven't cut through.
  • We have been pretty lucky with no illnesses, just those pesky seasonal allergies.  Your poor little nose runs constantly!
It has gotten harder to take your picture this month with you crawling everywhere!!

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