Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lola is 9 months

On Valentine's day, Lola turned 9 months old!  She also did something exciting, she started crawling.  What was so exciting about it (other than the obvious) is that Lola was evaluated and it was determined that she was to start therapy two days earlier.  She had not started the official therapy and had only had two days of doing exercises at home and started crawling!  I was so elated to see her crawl.  I was worried that her prematurity could cause issues.  However, she continues to amaze me with how determined and smart she is.  We are now just working on strengthening her core (think Baby Crossfit...ha ha) to keep her from using the wrong muscles and "cheat".

We are trying to take her to therapy twice a week and I am saddened to learn that the therapy place doesn't have many openings.  It saddens me to think any child may be left behind because we do not have enough trained people to help them.  It is enough to make me consider a career change if I was a stronger person and could handle the stress and daily demands that I am sure affect therapists.  We absolutely love our therapist and hope we can stay with her, but we may have to switch depending on scheduling.

9, what are you up to this month Lola?

  • You weigh 16lb and 15oz  and 26inches long when we went for your 9 month appointment.  You are in the 17th percentile for weight, 7th percentile for height and 4th percentile for head size.  You are a petite little girl and the dr. is pleased with your stats on the growth chart.  You are my petite little girl.  I often wonder if you will be average height like me or smaller like your paternal grandmother.  I guess we will just wait and see.
  • You are wearing size 4 diapers, though size 3 fits you as well.  We moved up to size 4 because Daddy bought some and they seemed to work better throughout the night.  You are quickly growing out of your 3-6 month clothes and we are exiting those as we see them get too small.  Some of the 6-9 or 6-12 fit you and some are a bit big.  In the pictures for this month you are wearing a 3-6 month onesie because the 6-9 month ones were dirty.  You are also wearing the rainbow newborn baby legs, the ones that are too small but I am determined to use them every month since we got this far.  ha ha
  • You are eating food like a champ.  I took you off of the baby puree menu at school and now you eat only real food.  You love to pick the food up and feed yourself.  9 months and already so independent.  I don't remember Tait ever being so independent this young.  :(  You eat about 5 bottles a day between 6-8 oz.  Though a few times you have missed a bottle through the day and only had 4.  You seem to be fine though, so I know you are getting a good amount of real food in your belly.  The first bottle of the day you never drink more than 4oz, so you tend to not be a big eater in the morning.  I am sad to think that soon you will be off of the bottle altogether, though that is when life gets so much easier and travel gets better.
  • You still have only two teeth, though it looks as if your top two will be coming in soon.  You also seem to be gnawing on your bottom jaw just on either side of the two middle teeth that are in.  You mostly seem be be gnawing on your left side of your mouth.
  • Daddy thinks this month has been your giggly month.  You are such a happy baby and have been even happier since you have started crawling.  I can imagine how frustrated you were!!  We have gotten so many good videos of you giggling and happy.  That laugh makes everyone who hears it smile!
  • You have also turned into a Mommy's girl this month.  You do not like strangers, which is what the wonder weeks app said would happen.  
  • The most exciting thing...crawling!  You crawl pretty normal on carpet, but you have a funny little crawl on hard tile or wood floors.  You leave your right leg out and sometimes have your left leg on your knee or folded under you.  You just kind of scoot your entire body forward as if you don't like the feel of the hard floors on your knees.  I noticed that you also leave your leg out if you are only going very short distances and expect to stop and sit soon.  I think there is a method to the crawling madness.  It is certainly cute!
  • With the crawling has come more interaction with the other babies at daycare.  You seem to play with everyone well and I have seen you share your toys with others several times.  You also like to share your cookies with Mommy.  Yesterday you shoved the teething cookie in my mouth to offer me a bite in between your bites.  You look so sweet when you are offering me your cookie and I am sure that it is your way to show me some love!
Lola Bean we love you!  It is hard to imagine that we could love you any more, and yet every day my heart grows for you.  Your brother is so proud of you and loves you so much.  When he sees you crawling he tells you how proud he is and you can see it in his face.  He also tells you every morning how beautiful you look.  I hope you two always stay best friends and rely on each other!  I pray that you are close and someday when he is in college you call each other to share good news and see how the other is doing.  

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