Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lola is 8 Months

Well, I was doing so good and then I went and skipped Lola's 7 month post.  Now, another month has passed and baby girl just turned 8 months.  How is this going so fast?!?!?
Since it is very late tonight (just got finished with church group in our house), I will do a quick post on where Lola is this month.

I have included a 7 month picture as well since I missed last month's post.

The rainbow baby legs are starting to get very small, so we will see if they last us until 12 months.  They are newborn size and starting to not reach your ankles and tops of your thighs!!

What are you up to this month?

  • I am not sure how much you weigh.  You were over 14lbs right after Christmas, so I estimate you to be about 15lbs today.  Either way, you are still a very petite kid.  You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes, though I put you in 6-12 months sometimes.  The 6-12 month clothes are just a bit big/long on you, but the 3-6 month are getting a bit tight depending on the cut.  The 3-6 month dresses are still fitting you perfect (in length and around) so I don't understand really how much difference there is in the sizes!  You are still wearing a size 2 diaper during the day and overnight.
  • On Friday, you officially moved up to the next class at school.  This week will be the first week I drop you off in the bigger kid room.  I am kind of sad that my baby is no longer in the first baby class at school.  You are now in a room with crawlers and one walker, so I am anticipating what you will be learning.  As of now, you are sitting like a champ and scooting backward and to the sides on your belly.  You can get across the room on your belly and bottom, though I don't think you have much control on where you are going.  I think you tend to just push yourself and get frustrated that you are not headed where you want to go.  For example, today I put you down in the hall and you pushed yourself into your brother's room and got irritated because you wanted to get to us in the kitchen.  I have seen you get on your knees several times and think once you put it together, you will be off.  You also want to pull up.  You aren't pulling up on furniture yet, but you do pull up on Mommy whenever I am sitting on the ground.  You also love to grab Mommy and Daddy around the ankle and hold on until we will pick you up.  
  • We have had a couple of issues in the past month on digestion.  You love food and are a great eater, but I think because you have taken so well to food your system has backed up a bit.  Over Christmas we went to visit Uncle Jared and Aunt Kim in Dallas but had to come back a day early because you were so constipated that you were miserable.  The entire drive from Dallas you refused to eat and I got you to drink apple juice.  Once we got home I changed your diaper and then I was heading to urgent care.  However, as I changed you I was able to squeeze your knees to your chest and get you to poop.  It sounds very TMI but I was so worried.  Since then we haven't had as bad a time, but I will give you a bit of juice if I sense your BMs are getting too hard.  I guess I will just have to watch your little system.  The one issue you have had is if you have anything with chocolate in it (come one, you are second child so you get more freedoms...ha ha).  You had cookie at a party and ended up spitting up really bad.  Then, last night Leslie brought over cookie bars and I gave you two little tiny bites.  Well, I guess the tiny bit of chocolate you ingested did not sit well with your belly and you spit up multiple times. I guess I should order a white cake for your birthday!
  • As I said about eating, you are doing great.  You have about 4-5 bottles a day with mostly 6oz in each bottle.  You are eating 3 meals a day and have had several different foods.  In fact, today we made you some mixtures for the next couple of weeks.  We have been much more experimental with foods this time around and you have tried many more foods than your brother.  You are also eating chunkier foods than him as well.  You seem to prefer chunkier foods to purees so I think you will move to regular food quite nicely.  I am trying to open you up to more flavors but I know that (as with most kids) you will probably turn your nose up to anything but chicken nuggets in 2 years!  We have seemed to get you to a 4 hour schedule on bottles thanks to your food intake.  In fact, today you made it to 5 hours 15 minutes (took an hour and a half nap towards the end of that and woke up starving).
  • Biggest news this month is that YOU GOT TWO TEETH!!!  About 2 days before your 8 month birthday, I noticed your bottom two front teeth breaking through.  As of today, they are both in but not fully grown in.  You can see them both quite easily and I imagine they will be fully in within a week or so!  You are so cute with those teeth and I love watching you suck on your bottom lip when you are playing with your teeth.  You will not show people your teeth.  I had to get a picture when you were sleeping to show your dad.  When someone tries to look at them, you put your tongue over them and pull your head away.  
  • You have finally taken a liking to Dixie.  You will pet her now when she comes up to you and you love to look around for her.  I guess you have decided that she is nice and your fears have disappeared.  In fact, today I caught you trying to stick her ear in your mouth.  Poor puppy!
Lola we love you and I look forward to that special smile every morning when I go in your room to wake you up.  I cannot imagine my life without you!  Your brother loves you and tells you every morning how beautiful you are.  He loves you so much, but I don't think he understands how mobile you will be soon and how that will change his world!!
Please forgive this month's pictures. I took them at 6am in the morning and the lack of natural light made them quite poor quality.  

Here is another comparison between 7 months and 8 months...

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