Sunday, November 17, 2013

Holy Cow! Lola is 6 months old!

Where does the time go?  I know I ask myself that everytime I get ready to post a monthly update on Lola, but seriously!  Bean is now 6 months old!!  She gets sweeter and more fun every day.  Tait was a sweet and very good baby, but Lola is just sweet in a different way.  Lola rarely fusses (unless girl is hungry or tired, she just smiles and giggles all the time).  Lola is so sweet, sweet in a way that only a little girl can be.  It is hard to explain.

Right now she is jumping in her jumperoo and talking up a storm.  Speaking of the jumperoo, I got it yesterday and within MINUTES Bean had mastered turning around in it and touching all of the toys.  This girl is going to be into EVERYTHING when she gets mobile.  I can feel it.   She is going to be my baby that is climbing the refrigerator within seconds!  ha ha.  She is no nosy and feels she has to see everything going on around her.  The only way she is happy in the carrier is if I face her out so she can smile at all of the people we pass (boy does she get a reaction...everyone comments on how happy she is) and see everything around her.  She is just a funny little girl.

Tait still loves his sister.  He still wants to hug and kiss on her all of the time and every morning says "Good Morning, little sister!".  He calls her Little Sister more than he calls her by name, and I love it!!  I love seeing the way she looks at him.  He is her hero.  Well, him and her dad!  Tait was always a momma's boy, so it is interesting to see how much Lola loves Nathan.  I swear little girls are taught this in the womb!  She looks at her Daddy like he has hung the moon, and I love that as well!!

What are you up to this month?:

  • I am estimating you are 12.5lbs.  You had your first illness this month (ear infection) and were 12lbs when taken in.  Good news is that you have finally hit the growth chart for an unadjusted age!!  Yay!!  You were in the 6th percentile for weight!  
  • We stopped breastfeeding this month.  Boo and Yay!  I am kind of torn on that one.  You decided that you just didn't want to latch any more and Momma was tired of being hooked up to a pump.  The good news is that you did latch one last time (first feeding of the day was only time you would latch) and that gave me one last moment to share with you and our special time.  I think if you had latched we would have lasted longer, but I am glad we made it to 6 months.  Plus we still have milk in the freezer and you get breast milk mixed with formula to help make it last longer and keep those antibodies in you for a longer time period.  I am proud with where we made it, especially after giving up only 6 weeks with your brother.  I will always miss those nursing sessions though.  I can see how mommies continue to do it for 2 years just to get the peaceful cuddles and one-on-one time.  Good news is that you still are a cuddler and like to nuzzle up before a nap in my arms.  Because you made it on the growth chart we were also able to transition you off of the high calorie formula and to a Gentle formula.  You are doing great with the Gentle.
  • You are in a size 2 diaper.  I switched you from a 1 to a 2 a couple of weeks ago.  You weren't growing out of the 1s yet, but I knew you would soon and the 2s seemed to work fine.  We haven't had any issues with the 2s and you are soaking them every morning when I change you!  We have had some blow outs, but I think that is more from the antibiotics and loose BMs than the diapers.  
  • You are wearing 3-6 month clothes.  The 0-3 months still fit you and you still have some of these outfits.  But the only issue is that you are long and lean.  The 0-3 are beginning to get a bit short even if they fit your narrowness.  I have found that the 3-6 month Old Navy leggings are the best.  They are very slim.  The ones at Walmart and even some of the Gap ones are just too big in the waist.  I tend to like outfits more than piece and match onesies and leggings, so I don't buy many one off things.  I really like you in dresses and thick tights.  You are just so cute to dress up.  I don't think Mommy will ever get tired of dressing you in dresses and big bows!  ha ha!  In fact, I think I have gone a bit overboard with Christmas attire.  You had like 5 Halloween outfits, 3 Thanksgiving and probably 7 Christmas.  Ha ha!  No baby needs that many seasonal outfits, but Mommy can't help it!  You are so cute dressed up.  
  • We have not really made much ground on getting you to a 4 hour schedule.  You seem pretty set on a 3 hour schedule.  Good news is that sleeping is going much better since you finally got over your ear infection.  You also started taking a full 6oz when you wake up.  School is hit or miss with how much you eat, but you do eat better for Mommy.  I think the distractions at school and when we are in public cause you to eat less.  You eat enough to make you not as hungry and then you want to see what else is going on.
  • Big milestones this month!  You started sitting up last weekend and by this weekend you are a pro at it.  You still fall over once in awhile, but you are starting to get enough strength to sit yourself up if you start to tilt.  You are no where near ready for me to sit you up without a boppy behind you, but you are doing really well.  You also LOVE the jumper.  You play in that and just laugh and talk up a storm.  I think you love being up to be able to see the world and are even happier now than when you were laying or rolling over.  In fact, now you don't roll over as much because you would rather us sit you up so you can play.  I love it!!
  • No teeth yet.  I started putting the teething necklace on you just in case.  You chew on everything, including your hand, your arm, your feet, my fingers, etc.  Your hands are always in your mouth.  ha ha
  • We started you on cereal about a week ago and this weekend started you on your first food.  I chose pumpkins as your first food.  One because Dad was making pumpkin pies and we had puree ready to go and two to be seasonally correct.  Ha ha.  You actually liked it.  You didn't eat much, but you liked it better than I thought you would.  I tasted it and it is not good. Yuck!  It definitely needs some sugar and milk to make it taste a pie.  ha ha
  • Funny Story:  Yesterday we were sitting in your room and Dixie came up.  I took your hand and let you touch her fur.  You screamed.  I think it scared you.  So, I did it again to let you see that it was okay.  You screamed in terror again.  You constantly watch her and smile, but you have no interest in actually touching her.  What a difference from your brother who wanted to touch Dixie all the time!! ha ha

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