Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lola is 5 Months Old!

I am getting a bit ahead of this month's post (for once).  Lola is going to turn 5 months old tomorrow.  How did we already get here?  I feel like just last week I was still on maternity leave with my teeny little girl.  Now she is pushing 11lbs, rolling over like a champ and smiling/talking away!!

Lola, what are you up to this month?

  • You are still wearing size 1 diapers.  However, we got some size 2 diapers and you seem to fit into them well.  Not sure when I will change you, you aren't soaking through the size one quite yet.  I guess we will work through this box and then make a decision on the next.  
  • You are still wearing 0-3 month clothes.  You are not even close to growing out of those, but I have put you in some of the 3-6 month Halloween outfits I bought you a couple of months ago.  I did not think that at 5 months you still would be fitting into 0-3.  In fact, the onesie in these pictures and the leopard dress are all 0-3 months.  Guess you will just have to rock some big clothes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The teachers remarked on how many Halloween outfits you have.  ha ha  Busted!  I love dressing you up.  You are my beautiful, petite little doll.
  • We are still working on getting you to a 4 hour schedule.  I think it is because you are so small, but you seem to go 3.5 hours pretty well.  However, this weekend you have been insatiable.  I think there might be a growth spurt in the works.  
  • Your sleeping seems to have gotten better.  You don't nap much during the day.  You rock the 45 minute power naps several times a day, but you are not a 3 hour sleeper like your brother. You have started sleeping through the night most nights (scared to put this in print, ha ha).  For that mom and dad are grateful! Your first bottle in the morning is always 3-4 oz, even when you eat 6oz throughout the day.  I guess you are just not one to be very hungry when you wake up.  When you do wake up in the morning, you lay in your crib and talk to yourself quietly.  I get up quickly because I don't want you to think you have to cry to get our attention in the morning.  I am hoping this will make you rest in bed later when you are older.  I guess we will see.
  • Last weekend you started rolling from back to belly.  In two days you started doing it like a champ.  You don't even exert yourself.  You just easily roll.  You know how to roll belly to back and have been doing it since 4 weeks, but you don't really care to.  You would rather play on your belly for awhile.  Then, when you are done with being on your let everyone know.  You want to be picked up immediately.  Rolling you to your back just makes you angry.  You want the cuddles that you feel you deserve!!
  • You continue to be a smiler.  You are so happy and I can't get over how lucky we are to have such a happy baby.  You love to smile and talk and just have an all around sweet disposition.  Your brother was a happy baby, but not like you.  You are just sweet in a way that only a little girl can be.  You also love to cuddle.  You love your mommy or daddy to hold you and cuddle with you in the rocking chair.  
  • We are still waiting the dreaded first sickness.  You have tummy issues (loose BMs) every now and again and a couple of times we have picked you up from daycare for it on your 2nd.  I think it is more to blame with momma than with you being sick.  I am hoping that as winter comes the breast feeding is helping keep you healthy.  Especially since mom has been on antibiotics once and has gotten a flu shot.  I hope the flu shot in me will help you inevitably.
  • You still love your swing.  That think is the best $30 I have spent on you.  As far as toys, you aren't too attached to anything...except Stripes.  Stripes is a little tiger Tait picked out for you at Walmart and you love that thing.  You smile bigger for that little tiger than you do when Mommy picks you up from daycare.  ha ha!
  • Daycare is going well.  You seem to enjoy it and don't cry when I drop you off.  I think you like Ms. Jane!
  • You started sticking out your tongue and it is the cutest thing.  I don't know if you just like the feeling or what.  You don't have any teeth this month, but you are chewing on your fingers and hands and whatever you can find.  Whenever you wear a dress, you pull the dress up in your mouth and chew on it exposing that adorable belly!  You have been a bit fussy today, but I don't see any teeth starting to pop through.
  • We are waiting another month before we start you on food.  That is not to say we haven't given you little tastes of food like yogurt.  You stare at the food when we are eating and lick your lips.  I think you are ready to start eating.  We may start some cereal by the end of the month, but originally set a plan at 6 months.  We will see.  I know enough to not put anything in writing with a second child!! ha ha

Lola Bean you brighten our days!  I can't even imagine life without you!  Your smile makes me melt and I can't wait to see how you and Tait continue to grow in your relationship.  God has blessed me with a wonderful family and for that I am grateful!

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