Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lola is 4 Months Old!

My how time has flown!  Little Lola Bean turned 4 months old last weekend.  As a busy "single" mom for the week since Nathan has been traveling, I am behind again in posting her monthly stats.  We go to the Dr. tomorrow for her shots and I am anxious to see how much she weighs!!

Here are the stats:

  • You are still wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes.  I had to buy you some more clothes since you aren't growing out of them quickly and unless I did laundry every weekend, you would run out of warm clothes for school.  The teachers tend to keep it pretty chilly, so I make sure you go with long sleeves or a cardigan on every day.  You do fit in some of the Carter's size 3 months clothes.  I am not sure if 3 months for Carters means 0-3 or 3-6 months, but they definitely are smaller than most 3-6 month clothes.
  • I am starting to move you to a 4 hour eating schedule this week.  You are taking 5oz bottles every 3.5 hours, so we are not yet at 4 hours.  However, 3.5 is much better and you are taking larger bottles!  You typically have 5-6 bottles a day and nurse in the middle of the night occasionally.  If you nurse at night you usually don't eat as much on your morning bottle.
  • I am hoping that you will hit the growth chart tomorrow at your 4 month appointment.  In order to you need to weigh about 11lb 10oz.  I don't think you are that heavy, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised!  
  • You are still rolling from belly to back though nothing on the back to belly front.  You have started liking tummy time.  I think it is because you are doing so well holding up your head and looking around.  You love to watch your brother and just smile when you can watch him running around the house.  
  • You smile all. the. time!  I can't get over how happy you are compared to your brother when he was your age.  You have also started talking a ton.  I even got a laugh out of you the other day.  It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard!!  
  • You have not yet gotten sick, but I think it was because I had strep throat and was on antibiotics. I think some of the antibiotics came through the milk to you and maybe helped protect you from the stomach sickness going around in class.  A momma can only hope!
  • You STILL are not sleeping through the night.  You want me to hold you and sleep in our bed.  Even though I know it is not good, I have had to let you because your Daddy was gone and I could not go all night without sleeping!!  I am okay with you not sleeping.  Trust me, I would rather hold you and not sleep than have a full night's sleep if that night in May had gone different.  I am just grateful that God let you stay with me and thank Him everyday for you in our lives.
  • Daycare is going well.  You have several friends in class and were talking to a little boy today.  I informed you that you are not allowed to date until you are 30, even if the boy is as cute as Amari!!
  • You love, love, love your swing!  I am glad because this allows me time to get ready for work and sometimes I put you in it at night when I am cleaning.  You have started enjoying just being on the floor so I haven't had to put you in the swing at night anymore.  You enjoy being on the ground, but your favorite toy is your burp rag!!
  • Watch Lola Grow!!  
We went on our first trip with you over Labor Day to Kansas City.  We went to visit the Aquarium and the Lego Land.  Tait had fun and we had a great trip.  I even got to see my friend Steven from high school.  He was in town visiting family and we got to go to dinner at a casino (oh...THAT is another story.  I didn't know it was a casino).

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