Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lola is 3 months

Well, this post is a little late.  Things have been hectic around here and I have been struggling to even find time to sit down with Nathan's work schedule.

On May 14th, Miss Lola Bean turned 3 months!  That seems so big.  Everyone told me that time would fly with the second child, but I didn't realize it would fly this fast.  

What is she up to this month?

  • You are wearing size 1 diapers  After exploding a few times, I moved you up and they work great  You are also in 0-3 month clothes.  Right now (3.5 months), the 0-3 months are still large on you  I am not sure when you will advance to 3 month clothes.  Luckily I bought you 3-6 month in your Halloween outfits.  Speaking of Halloween, I ordered your costume.  I am so excited to see you in it!
  • You still eat better at home than at daycare.  At home you will eat 4 oz every 3 hours, but at school it is only about 3 oz.  I took you to the dr on August 12th and you weighed 9 lb 3 oz.  You have not yet reached the growth chart.  I wonder if and when you will.  Your brother was always very low on the growth chart, you may never reach it and may just be my very little girl.  I hope you reach it soon, but Mommy is finally okay with how small you are.  I am used to people thinking you are brand new and the look on their face when I tell them how old you are is priceless.  It is happening less often now, so I am optimistic you are starting to look bigger.
  • You are still rolling over from your belly to your back.  I am also teaching you to sit up and you are doing pretty good at it.  I can't wait for when you can sit up and start to play.
  • You LOVE to smile at me and it is so cute.  You put your tongue up against your top gums when you smile and you wrinkle your little nose.  That look makes me weak in the knees.  Mommy can always get you to smile when I prop you up in your Boppy and I smile and talk to you.  You are such a happy little girl!!  You are also starting to talk and laugh.  You coo a bit and make ah sounds.  It is a wonderful sound.  YOu don't do it much, but everyday you are saying more and more. I have started to stick my tongue out and it is so funny to watch you mimic me.  You giggle so much when I do this. You love the game we play as you try.  The other day you were trying to stick your tongue out and you started blowing bubbles.  Before you knew it you had bubbles all over your mouth.   
  • We are still nursing and Mommy is happy that she has made it this long.  On August 12th you went to the Dr. for the fist time as a sick visit.  We saw Dr. Tate.  She did not think you were sick, but thought the formula was upsetting your belly with the drainage from your allergies.  I took you off formula and felt great that I could give you just BMilk until you got better.  I am still not sure that you weren't sick because another girl in daycare Delia had the same thing a few days later.  You never ran a fever, but seemed like you didn't feel well.  I am going to continue to nurse you as long as possible and thank God that I am able to give you this as long as he allows.
  • You are sleeping well still.  You usually go to sleep at 7:30 (after nursing for over an hour...maybe you load up after not eating well at daycare) and sleep until about 4am.  Sometimes you wake at 3am, but Daddy gets you and cuddles with you and you go back to sleep until 5am when we all get up for the day.  I have to get up earlier than normal to allow for pumping, but I am okay with a little less sleep if I get to nurse you.  If I get up with you at 3-4, you won't just go back to sleep in my arms and you throw a fit to eat.  I guess you can smell me and won't stop thinking about your empty stomach.  I am getting more used to being tired but I would love to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep along with sleeping in!
  • You started sleeping in your room this month and it was hard for Mommy.  However, we are all sleeping so much better.  Honey, you are a loud sleeper and it is hard to sleep with the sounds you make.  When you wake us, you do not cry you just fuss.  If we don't get you, you will start to cry..but usually you just fuss when you want something. 
  • You love taking baths.  I started giving you and Tait a bath together thanks to a bath sling I found at Walmart.  It works great, but I do wish it had a seat belt for when I am washing your brother's hair. I guess it is to keep people from leaving their babies in the bathtub alone and I would NEVER do that, I just want it to give myself another set of hands.  When I get you out of the bath and put lotion on you, you cry so loud.  I thought at first the lotion was burning you, but no matter what lotion I use you cry.  I think you just don't like being cold (I do warm it up with my hands, but I guess the lotion on your skin gets cold).
  • You still get irritated when Tait kisses and hugs on you, though you are starting to watch him and smile.  When he is doing something across the room, you will watch him and smile.  I can't wait to see you guys play together soon!!
We love little Lola Bean and are so thankful for her to be a part of our little family!!

(I still haven't gotten the pictures off of my camera, so I will have to add those later.)

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