Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lola is Two Month's Old

Well, I am about 4 days late on this post.  I think that is pretty good with my history with posts on this blog.  ha ha!
So, what are you up to this month:

  • You are still wearing Newborn clothes and diapers.  I have started to put you in size 1s in the last few days for overnight.  You started to leak when you had a BM overnight.  Speaking of, you do love to poop at night when you are eating.  That tends to keep us up longer.
  • Speaking of sleeping, you slept 8 hours last night on the 17th for the first time!!  You usually wake up once but last night was a treat.  You are doing well but I am hoping that this 8 hour thing becomes a habit before I go back to work.  I may be taking cat naps under my desk if not!!
  • You are still so tiny compared to other babies that are a month younger than you.  We have a Dr. appt tomorrow so I will update with your weight, but you are over 7.5lbs by now!!  You have also been able to wear some additional bows.  It is amazing that you have such a small head when your brother had a HUGE head and was in the 95% on head height!  ha ha.  You are very small and petite and very proportionate.  
  • You are still eating every 3 hours, though in the morning you stretch this to 4 hours.  You are up to eating about 120-130 ml every 3 hours and are still breast feeding.  You are getting breast milk and formula mixed in your bottles, because you hate straight formula.  We had to switch brands of formula to Enfamil Enfacare (high calorie preemie formula that you were put on by the NICU) because you did not like the Similac.  I think it was just too thick for you.  By this time with Tait I was done Pumping.  I only went 6 weeks with him (he wouldn't latch so I had to pump) so I am elated that we have made it 9 weeks and you are still going strong.  I also love that you will latch with the shield (you won't without it).  Today we went to Chick-fil-A and I had to take you to the car to BF because your milk was still cold.  It was nice and I was much more relaxed than I would have been trying to warm your milk and keep you from screaming in public!!
  • You are still sleeping in the Rock 'N Play.  You like to sleep elevated and we have not yet tried moving you to your room.  You sleep so much better elevated than on a flat surface.  I figure when you outgrow this we will put you back in the pack 'n play until you go to your room.  I am not in a rush because I don't want you to wake your brother at night and your room is right across the hall from his.  In fact, you woke him a few nights ago at 3 in the morning with your crying.
  • You love to take baths.  As soon as I put the warm wash cloth on you, you stop crying and relax.  
  • You have started smiling at me, though not very often.  Lately you will let out a couple of the most adorable coos.  You don't do it much and I think when you hear it you are still trying to figure out where the sound is come from.  I hope that you will start smiling and talking to us soon!
  • You stat daycare on Monday (July 22nd) so that Mommy can get used to leaving you with others before I go back to work.  I like the thought that I can get some things done like getting my hair cut, but I hate the thought of leaving you.  We will see how this goes. You are in the room with Delia (Lorelei's little sister) and Sydney.  Also, you will have Jane and Verna as your teachers.  They were Tait's teachers and I know you will love them.  In fact, when Verna held you yesterday you just stared at her and quieted up.  I think you are going to like her!!
  • Tait still loves you so much.  He tells you all the time that he loves you and that you are so pretty.  You don't seem to love him quite as much.  You tend to cry when he gets in your face or grabs your hands.  I can't blame you but I am looking forward to the day when you will giggle at him and fall in love with your big brother.

To show how tiny you are, here is a picture with a pacifier.  Even though you are so tiny, you look so big to me.  I almost forget until I see a stranger comment on your size.

 And, because mommy loves crying baby pictures....
And just so we don't leave big brother is a picture of the cutie pie!! 
I need to do a post soon on his weekend Soccer games.  Hopefully I can get it up in the next week.

UPDATE:  Lola is8lbs 3 oz. she is in the 2nd percentile for height at 21 inches. Her weight is not yet on the growth curve, but the Dr and nurse are excited at her weight gain. She is almost on the growth chart and doing great!  Her head size is 14 inches, well in line with her size. Guess Looa is not the bobble head her brother was!


  1. Oh she is just such a sweet little bug! Glad she is gaining, and hopefully she will be on the chart soon!

  2. your little family is adorable. Would love if you checked out my blog and followed along. I follow back.