Saturday, June 29, 2013

Maternity Leave

I am half way through my maternity leave and wondering where the time went.  I feel like with Tait, I was much more mobile on my leave. With him we would go to Starbucks daily or head to the mall every couple of days. With Lola, I have enjoyed just being at home. Many times I would get the itching to get out, but it would pass as I held her in my arms.

Maybe it is because she is my last baby. Maybe because she wants to be held and cuddled so much. Maybe because she is breast feeding whereas Tait never latched and I was done pumping by this time. Whatever it is, it hasn't kept the days from flying by. B

Many days I sit on the couch cuddling my little angel.  I am not near as concerned with her sleeping in her own room, that time will come. I am not worried about schedules, those are impossible to keep with a four year old and his busy list of activities.  Dishes and laundry can wait because I know first hand how quickly these days go by and how I will long for lazy days holding my little one while she is this small.

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