Friday, June 14, 2013

Lola is 1 Month Old!!

Today, Lola is celebrating her one month birthday!!  The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind since we got her home, but I wouldn't change one thing.  I am so grateful to have my baby girl at home and she is a very good baby.  I keep thinking of that song "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" because that is how it is with this girl.  She is very quiet and good natured, but will shout at you when she wants something.  She doesn't cry often, but she yells instead once or twice to tell you she wants something different or she is mad at you...and that is your clue to change it! ha ha  I think it is safe to say she has us trained.

Here are her stats for this month:

  • Lola is still wearing the Preemie size Pampers Swaddlers, but she is starting to grow out of her Preemie clothes and moving into newborn.  The onesie in the pictures is a newborn size and you can see how it is still a bit long for her.  She is still tiny and I have only been able to find a few headbands to fit her little head.  The pantyhose ones from Hobby Lobby are great!  I had to buy more because these are small enough to fit her head but will stretch out for when she is bigger.
  • Lola is eating about 100ml every 3-4 hours and right now typically gets up twice in the night to eat.  While that is worlds better than every the every 2 hour feedings that Tait had, she does seem to go longer stretches during the day than at night.  During the day she can easily go 4 hours, but at night we struggle with 3-3.5.  I think it is because she is a loud sleeper and I get up at night when she starts to stir.  During the day she will stir and then put herself back to sleep for a bit longer.  She does nurse much better than Tait, thanks to a breast shield. Yesterday, she did not want her bottle and wanted to nurse.  It seems to comfort her and put her to sleep. 
  • Speaking of loud sleeper, we had to move Lola into a pack 'n play.  She was sleeping in a bassinet that fit in our bed (with sides to protect her), but she was so loud that she would keep me and Nathan up at night.  Our friends, the Rineharts, loaned us a pack 'n play and it works great to let us get some more sleep.  Plus it has allowed Tait to sleep with us where there was no room before.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not!!  ha ha  At least Tait is a sound sleeper and he and Nathan sleep through the times I get up at night.
  • Lola's first outing was to Church this week. I put her in a Baby K'tan and she loved it. She made grunting/growling noises and kept Nathan and I giggling.  The carrier has been used quite a bit. I like how it keeps her covered from other people and their hands. I do get looks when I have her out since she is so tiny. I am sure people think she is only a few days old!  
  • Tait loves his little sister!  He constantly wants to touch her. I explained that we shouldn't touch her when she is sleeping. Unfortunately, Lola sleeps with her eyes open and Tait will argue that he is awake!
  • Tummy time has been going well. Lola will pick her head up and look the other direction. Tait will sit on one side and say her name to get her to turn her head.  At her newborn photo shoot the photographer mentioned how strong she is.  I can see that!  Lola is a very strong girl and that strength is what has saved her through her tough entry into the world.  
Lola is a great addition to our family.  I can say that I feel now as if our family is complete.  We have a wonderful boy and now our sweet girl.  I can't wait to watch Lola and Tait's relationship grow over the years.  I also can't wait to see how Nathan's relationship evolves with a baby girl.  Nathan is a wonderful father to Tait and Lola.  He has a great relationship with Tait doing boy things, and I am excited to see how he softens for his little lady!!  I try to send him pictures of her during the day because I know how much he misses her, especially on his first week back at work!

Happy One Month Birthday, Lola!!  We love you!!!

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