Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NICU Day 9-Lola is over her birth weight!

We walked into Lola's room today and were excited to see that she weighed 4lb 8oz. That is an ounce over her birth weight. We were so happy. We saw a bottle nipple on the table and asked the nurse if they had fed her a bottle. She said that Lola ate 8ml out of her bottle last night. That was almost a quarter of the bottle! Baby girl is doing so well on feedings. We just need her to push a bit further and start taking her full feedings by mouth so we can remove the feeding tube in her nose.

She was under the lights agin today, but the nurse said they like to drive her levels down pretty low because they will rebound a bit when they stop the lights. The prefer to keep them under the lights a little longer rather than taking them out and restarting the lights several times. That makes sense to me.

My milk supply (this deserves a post all in it's own later...breast feeding is hard) has come down just a bit. It is nice that I am not engorged any longer, but I am working to build it up just a bit more before Lola comes home. Having to travel back and forth so much and not be able to feed Lola when and what she needs is making it hard to get my supply in line. Today she was able to nurse for two feedings, though we ended up still supplementing since she kept falling asleep. She did much better than yesterday, so I am optimistic she will get the hang of it soon. At one point while she was sleeping on my chest one of her machines started sounding alarms. It ended up being her pulse ox that was not on her foot well. The nurse fixed it and it went back up to 100. However, for the rest of the time I was holding her I was terrified and kept a very close eye on the computer screen.

All-in-All, we are vey proud of Lola and the progress she has made in only a week! We think it will be after Memorial Day until we will be bringing our sweet bean home. I am so ready for that day though. I think I am being taught patience through this ordeal.

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