Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NICU day 15 & 16

I find myself holding my breath. Holding my breath every time Lola does well; just waiting for that backward step that seems to come with a NICU stay. 

Last night I decided to stay at the hospital after Lola finished her 3 and 6 pm feedings. I got to give her the next four feedings (9pm, 12am, 3 am, 6 am). She took all 6 feedings in a row by full bottle!!!  Praise The Lord!!!  However, at midnight her temp dropped.  The NP had the RN wrap her in warm blankets and recheck her at 3. I held my breath for the next two feedings. If her temp drops again, it is back to the box.  

I am praying that this is a turn towards going home, but I am nervous saying that out loud. Will she take a step back?  Since her 6 am feeding she has been restless. Will she stay awake to eat at 9 or be too tired and pass out?  I am so nervous to write this, but I have to be patient and have faith that God will send her home when she is ready. 

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