Thursday, May 23, 2013

NICU day 10

Today was NICU day 10. Although we are not going home any time soon, Lola had a day of graduation of sorts.

First, when we arrived this morning they were taking her off of the bilirubin lights! Baby girl's levels were down to a 5. She also had 6 poopy diapers today. Those are another sign that the bilirubin levels were exiting her body. I got to change 3 of those poopy diapers and loved every minute of somewhat of normalcy (even though changing a diaper in a isolette is not the easiest thing in the world). Now that she is no longer under the light, we are able to touch and hold her much more often. The nurse allowed us to hold her through her sleeping times (instead of just her touch times) and we both got to cuddle a sleeping baby. In fact, I am typing this on my phone as I am holding my sweet girl.

Second, Lola got moved to an open-air crib. The crib looks exactly like the old one she came out of, but apparently she has to hold her own temp in this crib With the new crib came the opportunity to dress her for the first time. We picked the girliest onsie that we could find. We picked flowers, thanks to Sydney's hand me downs! The onsie is newborn sized and quite big on her, but baby girl gets to wear real clothes and be swaddled. That is a step in the right direction.

And lastly, the most exciting part of today is that Lola took an entire feeding via breast feeding. She fed so well and so long that I did not think she needed to be supplemented via her feeding tube. She also burped six or seven times while I was feeding her and some of those sounded quite manly!!! Ha ha. Nathan bottle fed her for the next feeding and she ate about 12ml before falling asleep. To her defense, after she breast fed she stayed awake for a long time staring at pictures of Tait and Dixie in her crib. I held her since she was awake and she fell asleep before Nathan's feeding.

I decided to stay behind this evening while Nathan took Tait to swim class to try and see how she would do at breast feeding again. She ate, but very little. Therefore, I asked the nurse to supplement her so she wouldn't be hungry.

I am not surprised Lola is so tired right now. She has had many firsts today. I am optimistic to see her advancements today. While in my heart I do not see her coming home in the next week, I am confident she is making strides in that direction. After my break down last night, my mommy heart needed a day like today.

Thank you Lord for helping Lola and letting us see her head in the right direction. I know you are watching over her and helping her in her maturation. Please continue to keep your healing hand on her and help her advance in her feedings and continue down the road to going home.

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