Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 3 in NICU

Lola is doing well. She is not going to get her nasal cannula out today, but she is down to only 1 liter. They think it might be tomorrow until they can wean her. The pic line looks like it is doing well. They will take out the lines in her umbilical cord line and I may get to hold her at 5 tonight!!!

I am getting discharged now and it is going to be hard going home with only part of my family. However, I know Lola needs care and the NICU team is doing a fantastic job in taking care of my precious baby girl. I am confident our family will be together under one roof in a few short weeks.

As a side note, Tait is bummed that he still can't see Lola. He has asked several times to go see her, but unfortunately he is too young. We are trying to show him pictures and videos. Any tips on things we can do now to help Tait not feel so uninvolved?

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