Saturday, April 27, 2013

32 Weeks Pregnant...a turn in expectations!

This week I went in on Monday (31 weeks 5 days) for my checkup.  We had a big weekend planned in Dallas, so we wanted to be certain before we left on Friday that everything was okay.  It is strange, but I have had a feeling this entire pregnancy that this baby is going to come early.  Tait came at 37 weeks to the day, but it was a feeling like Bean was going to be even earlier.

My Dr. went ahead and decided to check me since I mentioned my BH contractions were getting more and more frequent.  She said that it was totally normal for me to have the BH more common.  However, when she checked me her face changed.  She stated that I was 1 cm dilated and 40% effaced.  I was terrified.  I did not know what this meant.  She told me that she was going to get me set up for monitoring to ensure I was not having contractions more often than what I thought.  When she left the room I heard her mention that she should have done an FFN test.

After being monitored for about 45 minutes, I was cleared as having no contractions.  The Dr. wanted to go ahead and give me a steroid shot that day and the next.  It was something I was definitely okay with facing the risk of having a preemie.

The next day I went into the office to get my second steroid shot and felt that I needed to mention all of my symptoms to the nurse.  The nurse went ahead and hooked me up to be monitored.  After being monitored for about another 45 minutes, I was diagnosed with a "irritable uterus".  The Dr. checked me again and I was 2cm dilated and about 50% effaced.  The Dr. then told me that I would not be going to Dallas that weekend.  She said she couldn't tell Nathan what to do as he was to leave on Monday for Brazil.  I told Nathan that I would make the decision and he was not to go.  Then the Dr. put me on bed rest indefinitely.  She was very honest with me and said that if I was having contractions she would send me to L&D, but because I wasn't she thought I could do bed rest at home.  She told us that with her last son she was on bed rest at 30 weeks and went in to labor 12 hours after getting off bed rest at 35 weeks.  I felt that she knew how I felt and it made me feel even better about having her as my Dr.  She then told Nathan and I that she was born at 32 weeks and that was 40 years ago!  She said technology has gotten even better since then.  I was relieved.  If my very smart Dr. could have been born that early 40 years earlier, certainly Bean would be safe if he/she decided to come early.
She did mention that if I had any contractions that I needed to head straight down to the women's hospital in Johnson, which has a NICU.

That day I went to work and got my things and headed home for the next few weeks to be in bed.  However, that night I woke up in excruciating pain.  It wasn't contractions, but I wasn't sure what it was.  I felt a sharp pain across my belly right at my belly button.  The pain made me vomit and I could barely stand.  I told Nathan that I thought we needed to go to the hospital.  The entire way to the hospital I fought back tears and was begging God to not let Bean come this early.  I did not want to lose my baby.  Poor Tait sat in the back seat scared and unable to understand what was wrong with his mommy.  I felt terrible.

Once we got to the ER, I was taken back and put on fetal monitoring. I got sick and the Dr. informed me that it does happen to some people when they are dilating.  They gave me an FFN to see what he chances were of me delivering in the next 2 weeks.  The nurse checked me and I was now dilated 3cm and about 75% effaced.  I was terrified.  I was also going through all of this alone because they wouldn't let Nathan come back since Tait was with him.  Nathan had to call a friend and take Tait to her house back in Bentonville and then come all the way back to the hospital.  I was relieved when I saw him.

They gave me pain medication, but it didn't seem to help much.  It just made me exhausted.  Meanwhile, my Dr. came in (she was on call luckily) and said she was not sure what was causing the pain since they weren't contractions.  She did state that she wanted to go ahead and admit me to a room so that I could be more comfortable while they monitored me and called for an ultrasound.  When she checked me she said I was only 2.5cm dilated but about 75-80% effaced.

By the time I got back to the room, I was exhausted and throughly drugged up but the pain had seemed to stop.  I asked about the FFN and luckily it came back negative.  That meant I had a 97% chance of NOT going into labor in the next 2 weeks.  I breathed a sigh of relief!!!  The U/S tech came into the room and started to check on Bean.  Bean who was head down the day earlier had flipped and his/her head was hidden up in my ribs.  I still wonder if Bean moving took the pressure off of my cervix and maybe slowed down the dilation.  I am hoping that is the case.

The tech went ahead and checked everything.  I tried to sneak a peak at the gender, but I was so drugged up and tired that I couldn't stay awake to watch the screen.  I thought I saw boy parts and then 10 minutes later I thought I saw the three I have no idea still what this baby is!!  She did tell us that Bean is about 3lbs 14oz!!

When the next Dr. on call came to the room, he expressed that he was not sure what was causing my pain.  I asked if it could have been the baby turning.  One of the nurses thought it could have been, but the Dr. said he wasn't sure. I just have heard that turning a baby can be terrible pain and wonder if Bean turned transverse and was pushing with his/her head and feet making me feel as if I was being torn in two.

Luckily, I was able to be discharged and headed home to rest.  Nathan and I took a nap as soon as we got home and tried to rest from a night of no sleep and high anxiety.  I am relieved that Nathan is here and he is doing amazing in taking care of Tait, the house and me so that I can stay laying down and keep this baby in my belly for a bit longer.

I am also relieved that I can work from home.  Being able to do work has let the last few days go by much more quickly and I appreciate the fact that I can work without having to take LOA time.  If this baby does come early, I will want all of the LOA time for him/her until I feel Bean is ready for daycare.

Bean is being a soccer player right now and kicking away.  Letting mommy know that he/she is going to be fine.  I am hoping that the next few weeks will fly by and I will make it to 37 weeks before I have a baby.  I have made it half a week on bed rest and although the idea is much more appealing than actually being on bed rest, I am grateful that I have this baby in my belly and not in a NICU.

Keep up the thoughts and prayers for us!  I have been reading on the internet about a ton of people who were on bed rest and ended up going over 37 weeks before having a baby.  I will go back in a week and a half for another check and hope that there will be no progression.

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