Sunday, February 17, 2013

22 weeks pregnant

Bean is 11" long this week and about 1lb!  One of the Internet sites said that was as long as a bag of coffee. With my husband being a Starbucks addict, we thought it would be appropriate to pose with this rather than. spaghetti squash this week.  However, I am still craving spaghetti squash so I might have to buy one anyway!

This week my baby (my bigger baby) celebrated his 4 year birthday.  How is this possible that my little Taitor is 4 years old.  I look back at pictures and I can't understand how four years went by so fast.  My little man is such a sweet soul and he is going to be such a fantastic big brother.  I am so blessed and I thank God for him everyday.  He really brightens my day and brings a smile to my face whenever I think about how wonderful he is.
Tonight we completed the thank you cards for his party and he signed his name on every one of the cards.  I am trying to do my best in teaching him to be thankful for the people in his life and the love that they show him.  He is a very lucky boy!
We had his party at Aspire, a gymnastics place here in town.  It was okay, but I think I would recommend it for much older kids.  I don't think they do a ton of parties and they don't have the act down as well as places like Little Gym or Gymboree.  However, Tait had a blast with his friends.  My favorite part was when everyone sang him Happy Birthday.  His face lit up and he was so happy that everyone was singing to him.  I will remember that face forever!

Happy Birthday, Tait!!  We Love you!

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