Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gender Predictors to the Test...

I thought it would be fun to try some of the gender predictor tests to see what Bean could be.  Since we won't be finding out until Bean is born in June, we have a while to wait and see.

Chinese Gender Predictor = Boy if you use the due date.  Because I know when I concieved and I alwasy ovulate late it predicted a Girl.  However, for Tait it said we were having a girl and he obviously has a penis, I don't feel very comfortable on this one.  I would say undetermined since I got two different gender predictions.

Age and and Month conceived added are even = Girl.  However, this was also even with Tait and we know how that turned out.

Mayan (age and year of conception added) are odd = Boy.   With Tait this was it was an even number which states he should have been a girl.

Age and Year you conceived are even and odd = Boy.  With Tait this was both even and he was a boy, so his should have been a girl.

Skin = Girl.  My skin broke out much worse with this pregnancy than Tait, which points to a girl.

Morning Sickness = Girl.  I was MUCH more nauseous with this pregnancy than with Tait.  And the sickness lasted much longer.  I never threw up, but I never got sick with Tait and my mother was never sick either.  However, every night for the first 14 weeks in this pregnancy I laid on the couch and counted the minutes until I could go to bed.  When I was pregnant with Tait though, I would go to bed a 7:30 every night, so maybe I slept though this feeling with him.

Hands are Dry = Boy.  Part of this is winter, but my hands have recently gotten very dry with this pregnancy.

Craving Sweets = Girl.  I want sweets like crazy in this pregnancy.  With Tait I wanted tomatoes (pizza, pasta, soup, etc.) and this time I want sweets.  In fact right now I am thinking about the birthday party we have this afternoon and thinking about the cake...yumm!

The next couple are a bit TMI, so skip them if you don't want to know.  :)

Breasts have gotten MUCH larger = Girl.  I have been surprised at how large they have gotten already. I didn't have to get a new bra with Tait until I was in the 3rd trimester.  With this one, I have already gone up one size and thinking I may need to go up another!

Leg Hair has stayed same/gotten less = Girl.

Left breast is larger = Girl.  Husband did the verdict on this one, so I could not "cheat"

Baby Avg Heartbeat = Girl.  This baby has had a heart beat over 140 bpm (minus the first appointment where the hb was exactly 140).  So this would point to a girl.

Drano Test = Girl.  We just did this test and there was a ton of bubbling and smoke (glad we did it outside) but the color remained at green/blue which on most sites signals a girl.

Dad has gained weight = Girl.  Nathan lost weight when I was pregnant with Tait, but he is so thin now he doesn't have much weight to lose and we just went through the holidays.  Who doesn't gain weight during the holidays!

Attitude is moodier than normal = Girl.  Nathan also told me I was a bit moodier than normal with this pregnancy, but he blames much of that on work.

Dreamed I was having a girl = Boy.  Wives tales state that you will dream of the opposite of what you are having.

Tait is interested in my belly and talking about bean all the time = Girl.  This morning he asked to see bean and said he wanted to give bean a kiss.  (my heart overflows!!)

Headaches = Boy.  I have had terrible headaches with this pregnancy, which points to a boy.  I did not have headaches with Tait.

Baby Names = Girl.  We have a girl's name pretty much nailed down but our list of boys names is still pretty long.  With Tait we had his name picked out but kept going back and forth on a girls name.  So maybe this has merit.

Verdict is 13 to 5 in favor of a Girl.  I guess we will have to wait and see in June!!

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