Tuesday, January 1, 2013

15 weeks pregnant (a bit late)

How far along? 15 weeks as of last Wednesday.  I am a bit behind, but I figured I would start this now or never.  Bean is the size of a navel orange (or an apple on some sites).  

Weight gain/loss: +6lbs.  Yuck!  I hate putting that in writing, but I am better than I was two days ago coming off of Christmas.  Hopefully I can slow this weight gain train down and not gain 30lbs again like with Tait.

Stretch marks:  None, and hoping it stays that way.  With Tait I only got one on the under part of my right arm.  I know...weird!

Belly Button:  In.  It never popped out with Taitor.

Feeling: Good.  I am still getting nauseous when I eat sweets, but much better than the first few weeks when I was sick every night.

Maternity clothes? I did buy some in Dallas last week since I had the opportunity.  I can wear regular clothes mostly, but I have been living in leggings while on vacation.  I just don't want to squeeze my big belly into anything uncomfortable.  I have some of my skinny jeans that don't fit anymore and I think are still too tight with the bella band by the end of the day.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good.  I am up once a night to go to the bathroom, but I am having CRAZY dreams.  I don't remember having dreams this crazy with Tait.  Last night I was chasing some guy who stole a car (I worked as an undercover police officer).  ha ha!

Food cravings: Nothing in particular.  I have been wanting sweets and even went to Walmart last night for New Year's to get us chocolate cake and ice cream.  that sounds really good right now....

Movement? I have been feeling some flutterings for awhile.  I feel them only on the left side and when I am very still.  The baby must not be very strong because I can't feel them if I move or stand.

What I miss?  Nothing in particular.  

Best moment this week:  New Year's Eve with Nathan and Tait at home.  Quiet nights at home are so appealing to me!!  I have also enjoyed being off work for the last week+.  I have to go back tomorrow and am kind of sad since I can't spend all day with my boys.

What I'm looking forward to:   February.  I have to go on a work trip in January, which I am dreading.  I am ready to stop travelling for awhile and just stay home with my boys.

Next Appointment:  Tomorrow!!  I can't wait to hear bean's heartbeat again and know that everything is good.  

Milestones: 15 week genetic blood test tomorrow.  Hoping everything is fine!

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