Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Day One

Advent means the arrival of a notable person, event or thing.  As I sit here in a quiet house, I reflect on the words said this morning at church and await the arrival of those most significant in my life. Whether it is waiting on my wonderful husband to come home after taking our son on a date to an evening movie, waiting on my beautiful daughter to awake hungry or wanting cuddles, or waiting on Jesus Christ to arrive in the coming days to take us home; I am blessed.  I am blessed for all that I have and all that the Good Lord supplies for us. I love the excitement in my son's voice as he announces he will say our prayers at dinner. I love the look in his eyes when he asks questions about Jesus and Heaven. I love the way our family has grown closer over the last year in a time when we have been tested the most.  Blessed!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Holy Cow! Lola is 6 months old!

Where does the time go?  I know I ask myself that everytime I get ready to post a monthly update on Lola, but seriously!  Bean is now 6 months old!!  She gets sweeter and more fun every day.  Tait was a sweet and very good baby, but Lola is just sweet in a different way.  Lola rarely fusses (unless girl is hungry or tired, she just smiles and giggles all the time).  Lola is so sweet, sweet in a way that only a little girl can be.  It is hard to explain.

Right now she is jumping in her jumperoo and talking up a storm.  Speaking of the jumperoo, I got it yesterday and within MINUTES Bean had mastered turning around in it and touching all of the toys.  This girl is going to be into EVERYTHING when she gets mobile.  I can feel it.   She is going to be my baby that is climbing the refrigerator within seconds!  ha ha.  She is no nosy and feels she has to see everything going on around her.  The only way she is happy in the carrier is if I face her out so she can smile at all of the people we pass (boy does she get a reaction...everyone comments on how happy she is) and see everything around her.  She is just a funny little girl.

Tait still loves his sister.  He still wants to hug and kiss on her all of the time and every morning says "Good Morning, little sister!".  He calls her Little Sister more than he calls her by name, and I love it!!  I love seeing the way she looks at him.  He is her hero.  Well, him and her dad!  Tait was always a momma's boy, so it is interesting to see how much Lola loves Nathan.  I swear little girls are taught this in the womb!  She looks at her Daddy like he has hung the moon, and I love that as well!!

What are you up to this month?:

  • I am estimating you are 12.5lbs.  You had your first illness this month (ear infection) and were 12lbs when taken in.  Good news is that you have finally hit the growth chart for an unadjusted age!!  Yay!!  You were in the 6th percentile for weight!  
  • We stopped breastfeeding this month.  Boo and Yay!  I am kind of torn on that one.  You decided that you just didn't want to latch any more and Momma was tired of being hooked up to a pump.  The good news is that you did latch one last time (first feeding of the day was only time you would latch) and that gave me one last moment to share with you and our special time.  I think if you had latched we would have lasted longer, but I am glad we made it to 6 months.  Plus we still have milk in the freezer and you get breast milk mixed with formula to help make it last longer and keep those antibodies in you for a longer time period.  I am proud with where we made it, especially after giving up only 6 weeks with your brother.  I will always miss those nursing sessions though.  I can see how mommies continue to do it for 2 years just to get the peaceful cuddles and one-on-one time.  Good news is that you still are a cuddler and like to nuzzle up before a nap in my arms.  Because you made it on the growth chart we were also able to transition you off of the high calorie formula and to a Gentle formula.  You are doing great with the Gentle.
  • You are in a size 2 diaper.  I switched you from a 1 to a 2 a couple of weeks ago.  You weren't growing out of the 1s yet, but I knew you would soon and the 2s seemed to work fine.  We haven't had any issues with the 2s and you are soaking them every morning when I change you!  We have had some blow outs, but I think that is more from the antibiotics and loose BMs than the diapers.  
  • You are wearing 3-6 month clothes.  The 0-3 months still fit you and you still have some of these outfits.  But the only issue is that you are long and lean.  The 0-3 are beginning to get a bit short even if they fit your narrowness.  I have found that the 3-6 month Old Navy leggings are the best.  They are very slim.  The ones at Walmart and even some of the Gap ones are just too big in the waist.  I tend to like outfits more than piece and match onesies and leggings, so I don't buy many one off things.  I really like you in dresses and thick tights.  You are just so cute to dress up.  I don't think Mommy will ever get tired of dressing you in dresses and big bows!  ha ha!  In fact, I think I have gone a bit overboard with Christmas attire.  You had like 5 Halloween outfits, 3 Thanksgiving and probably 7 Christmas.  Ha ha!  No baby needs that many seasonal outfits, but Mommy can't help it!  You are so cute dressed up.  
  • We have not really made much ground on getting you to a 4 hour schedule.  You seem pretty set on a 3 hour schedule.  Good news is that sleeping is going much better since you finally got over your ear infection.  You also started taking a full 6oz when you wake up.  School is hit or miss with how much you eat, but you do eat better for Mommy.  I think the distractions at school and when we are in public cause you to eat less.  You eat enough to make you not as hungry and then you want to see what else is going on.
  • Big milestones this month!  You started sitting up last weekend and by this weekend you are a pro at it.  You still fall over once in awhile, but you are starting to get enough strength to sit yourself up if you start to tilt.  You are no where near ready for me to sit you up without a boppy behind you, but you are doing really well.  You also LOVE the jumper.  You play in that and just laugh and talk up a storm.  I think you love being up to be able to see the world and are even happier now than when you were laying or rolling over.  In fact, now you don't roll over as much because you would rather us sit you up so you can play.  I love it!!
  • No teeth yet.  I started putting the teething necklace on you just in case.  You chew on everything, including your hand, your arm, your feet, my fingers, etc.  Your hands are always in your mouth.  ha ha
  • We started you on cereal about a week ago and this weekend started you on your first food.  I chose pumpkins as your first food.  One because Dad was making pumpkin pies and we had puree ready to go and two to be seasonally correct.  Ha ha.  You actually liked it.  You didn't eat much, but you liked it better than I thought you would.  I tasted it and it is not good. Yuck!  It definitely needs some sugar and milk to make it taste a pie.  ha ha
  • Funny Story:  Yesterday we were sitting in your room and Dixie came up.  I took your hand and let you touch her fur.  You screamed.  I think it scared you.  So, I did it again to let you see that it was okay.  You screamed in terror again.  You constantly watch her and smile, but you have no interest in actually touching her.  What a difference from your brother who wanted to touch Dixie all the time!! ha ha

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kids and their desire to prove you wrong

No sooner than I put into print that Lola was sleeping through the night, than she changed and has been up the last two nights. I blame a growth spurt because she is eating like crazy lately. Last night she sat at the table and licked her lips watching her dad eat dinner. Perhaps we should start her on cereal. I wanted to wait until six months, but she seems like she needs more food lately. In so many ways she is really still a 3.5 month old (adjusted age), but then in other ways she acts like a five month old!

Oh well, I guess this is just the ups and downs with having an infant!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lola is 5 Months Old!

I am getting a bit ahead of this month's post (for once).  Lola is going to turn 5 months old tomorrow.  How did we already get here?  I feel like just last week I was still on maternity leave with my teeny little girl.  Now she is pushing 11lbs, rolling over like a champ and smiling/talking away!!

Lola, what are you up to this month?

  • You are still wearing size 1 diapers.  However, we got some size 2 diapers and you seem to fit into them well.  Not sure when I will change you, you aren't soaking through the size one quite yet.  I guess we will work through this box and then make a decision on the next.  
  • You are still wearing 0-3 month clothes.  You are not even close to growing out of those, but I have put you in some of the 3-6 month Halloween outfits I bought you a couple of months ago.  I did not think that at 5 months you still would be fitting into 0-3.  In fact, the onesie in these pictures and the leopard dress are all 0-3 months.  Guess you will just have to rock some big clothes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The teachers remarked on how many Halloween outfits you have.  ha ha  Busted!  I love dressing you up.  You are my beautiful, petite little doll.
  • We are still working on getting you to a 4 hour schedule.  I think it is because you are so small, but you seem to go 3.5 hours pretty well.  However, this weekend you have been insatiable.  I think there might be a growth spurt in the works.  
  • Your sleeping seems to have gotten better.  You don't nap much during the day.  You rock the 45 minute power naps several times a day, but you are not a 3 hour sleeper like your brother. You have started sleeping through the night most nights (scared to put this in print, ha ha).  For that mom and dad are grateful! Your first bottle in the morning is always 3-4 oz, even when you eat 6oz throughout the day.  I guess you are just not one to be very hungry when you wake up.  When you do wake up in the morning, you lay in your crib and talk to yourself quietly.  I get up quickly because I don't want you to think you have to cry to get our attention in the morning.  I am hoping this will make you rest in bed later when you are older.  I guess we will see.
  • Last weekend you started rolling from back to belly.  In two days you started doing it like a champ.  You don't even exert yourself.  You just easily roll.  You know how to roll belly to back and have been doing it since 4 weeks, but you don't really care to.  You would rather play on your belly for awhile.  Then, when you are done with being on your let everyone know.  You want to be picked up immediately.  Rolling you to your back just makes you angry.  You want the cuddles that you feel you deserve!!
  • You continue to be a smiler.  You are so happy and I can't get over how lucky we are to have such a happy baby.  You love to smile and talk and just have an all around sweet disposition.  Your brother was a happy baby, but not like you.  You are just sweet in a way that only a little girl can be.  You also love to cuddle.  You love your mommy or daddy to hold you and cuddle with you in the rocking chair.  
  • We are still waiting the dreaded first sickness.  You have tummy issues (loose BMs) every now and again and a couple of times we have picked you up from daycare for it on your 2nd.  I think it is more to blame with momma than with you being sick.  I am hoping that as winter comes the breast feeding is helping keep you healthy.  Especially since mom has been on antibiotics once and has gotten a flu shot.  I hope the flu shot in me will help you inevitably.
  • You still love your swing.  That think is the best $30 I have spent on you.  As far as toys, you aren't too attached to anything...except Stripes.  Stripes is a little tiger Tait picked out for you at Walmart and you love that thing.  You smile bigger for that little tiger than you do when Mommy picks you up from daycare.  ha ha!
  • Daycare is going well.  You seem to enjoy it and don't cry when I drop you off.  I think you like Ms. Jane!
  • You started sticking out your tongue and it is the cutest thing.  I don't know if you just like the feeling or what.  You don't have any teeth this month, but you are chewing on your fingers and hands and whatever you can find.  Whenever you wear a dress, you pull the dress up in your mouth and chew on it exposing that adorable belly!  You have been a bit fussy today, but I don't see any teeth starting to pop through.
  • We are waiting another month before we start you on food.  That is not to say we haven't given you little tastes of food like yogurt.  You stare at the food when we are eating and lick your lips.  I think you are ready to start eating.  We may start some cereal by the end of the month, but originally set a plan at 6 months.  We will see.  I know enough to not put anything in writing with a second child!! ha ha

Lola Bean you brighten our days!  I can't even imagine life without you!  Your smile makes me melt and I can't wait to see how you and Tait continue to grow in your relationship.  God has blessed me with a wonderful family and for that I am grateful!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tait vs. Lola

Here is a picture to compare the two babies.
On the left is Tait at 3 months and on the right is Lola at 4 months.

Lola is 4 Months Old!

My how time has flown!  Little Lola Bean turned 4 months old last weekend.  As a busy "single" mom for the week since Nathan has been traveling, I am behind again in posting her monthly stats.  We go to the Dr. tomorrow for her shots and I am anxious to see how much she weighs!!

Here are the stats:

  • You are still wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes.  I had to buy you some more clothes since you aren't growing out of them quickly and unless I did laundry every weekend, you would run out of warm clothes for school.  The teachers tend to keep it pretty chilly, so I make sure you go with long sleeves or a cardigan on every day.  You do fit in some of the Carter's size 3 months clothes.  I am not sure if 3 months for Carters means 0-3 or 3-6 months, but they definitely are smaller than most 3-6 month clothes.
  • I am starting to move you to a 4 hour eating schedule this week.  You are taking 5oz bottles every 3.5 hours, so we are not yet at 4 hours.  However, 3.5 is much better and you are taking larger bottles!  You typically have 5-6 bottles a day and nurse in the middle of the night occasionally.  If you nurse at night you usually don't eat as much on your morning bottle.
  • I am hoping that you will hit the growth chart tomorrow at your 4 month appointment.  In order to you need to weigh about 11lb 10oz.  I don't think you are that heavy, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised!  
  • You are still rolling from belly to back though nothing on the back to belly front.  You have started liking tummy time.  I think it is because you are doing so well holding up your head and looking around.  You love to watch your brother and just smile when you can watch him running around the house.  
  • You smile all. the. time!  I can't get over how happy you are compared to your brother when he was your age.  You have also started talking a ton.  I even got a laugh out of you the other day.  It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard!!  
  • You have not yet gotten sick, but I think it was because I had strep throat and was on antibiotics. I think some of the antibiotics came through the milk to you and maybe helped protect you from the stomach sickness going around in class.  A momma can only hope!
  • You STILL are not sleeping through the night.  You want me to hold you and sleep in our bed.  Even though I know it is not good, I have had to let you because your Daddy was gone and I could not go all night without sleeping!!  I am okay with you not sleeping.  Trust me, I would rather hold you and not sleep than have a full night's sleep if that night in May had gone different.  I am just grateful that God let you stay with me and thank Him everyday for you in our lives.
  • Daycare is going well.  You have several friends in class and were talking to a little boy today.  I informed you that you are not allowed to date until you are 30, even if the boy is as cute as Amari!!
  • You love, love, love your swing!  I am glad because this allows me time to get ready for work and sometimes I put you in it at night when I am cleaning.  You have started enjoying just being on the floor so I haven't had to put you in the swing at night anymore.  You enjoy being on the ground, but your favorite toy is your burp rag!!
  • Watch Lola Grow!!  
We went on our first trip with you over Labor Day to Kansas City.  We went to visit the Aquarium and the Lego Land.  Tait had fun and we had a great trip.  I even got to see my friend Steven from high school.  He was in town visiting family and we got to go to dinner at a casino (oh...THAT is another story.  I didn't know it was a casino).

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lola is 3 months

Well, this post is a little late.  Things have been hectic around here and I have been struggling to even find time to sit down with Nathan's work schedule.

On May 14th, Miss Lola Bean turned 3 months!  That seems so big.  Everyone told me that time would fly with the second child, but I didn't realize it would fly this fast.  

What is she up to this month?

  • You are wearing size 1 diapers  After exploding a few times, I moved you up and they work great  You are also in 0-3 month clothes.  Right now (3.5 months), the 0-3 months are still large on you  I am not sure when you will advance to 3 month clothes.  Luckily I bought you 3-6 month in your Halloween outfits.  Speaking of Halloween, I ordered your costume.  I am so excited to see you in it!
  • You still eat better at home than at daycare.  At home you will eat 4 oz every 3 hours, but at school it is only about 3 oz.  I took you to the dr on August 12th and you weighed 9 lb 3 oz.  You have not yet reached the growth chart.  I wonder if and when you will.  Your brother was always very low on the growth chart, you may never reach it and may just be my very little girl.  I hope you reach it soon, but Mommy is finally okay with how small you are.  I am used to people thinking you are brand new and the look on their face when I tell them how old you are is priceless.  It is happening less often now, so I am optimistic you are starting to look bigger.
  • You are still rolling over from your belly to your back.  I am also teaching you to sit up and you are doing pretty good at it.  I can't wait for when you can sit up and start to play.
  • You LOVE to smile at me and it is so cute.  You put your tongue up against your top gums when you smile and you wrinkle your little nose.  That look makes me weak in the knees.  Mommy can always get you to smile when I prop you up in your Boppy and I smile and talk to you.  You are such a happy little girl!!  You are also starting to talk and laugh.  You coo a bit and make ah sounds.  It is a wonderful sound.  YOu don't do it much, but everyday you are saying more and more. I have started to stick my tongue out and it is so funny to watch you mimic me.  You giggle so much when I do this. You love the game we play as you try.  The other day you were trying to stick your tongue out and you started blowing bubbles.  Before you knew it you had bubbles all over your mouth.   
  • We are still nursing and Mommy is happy that she has made it this long.  On August 12th you went to the Dr. for the fist time as a sick visit.  We saw Dr. Tate.  She did not think you were sick, but thought the formula was upsetting your belly with the drainage from your allergies.  I took you off formula and felt great that I could give you just BMilk until you got better.  I am still not sure that you weren't sick because another girl in daycare Delia had the same thing a few days later.  You never ran a fever, but seemed like you didn't feel well.  I am going to continue to nurse you as long as possible and thank God that I am able to give you this as long as he allows.
  • You are sleeping well still.  You usually go to sleep at 7:30 (after nursing for over an hour...maybe you load up after not eating well at daycare) and sleep until about 4am.  Sometimes you wake at 3am, but Daddy gets you and cuddles with you and you go back to sleep until 5am when we all get up for the day.  I have to get up earlier than normal to allow for pumping, but I am okay with a little less sleep if I get to nurse you.  If I get up with you at 3-4, you won't just go back to sleep in my arms and you throw a fit to eat.  I guess you can smell me and won't stop thinking about your empty stomach.  I am getting more used to being tired but I would love to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep along with sleeping in!
  • You started sleeping in your room this month and it was hard for Mommy.  However, we are all sleeping so much better.  Honey, you are a loud sleeper and it is hard to sleep with the sounds you make.  When you wake us, you do not cry you just fuss.  If we don't get you, you will start to cry..but usually you just fuss when you want something. 
  • You love taking baths.  I started giving you and Tait a bath together thanks to a bath sling I found at Walmart.  It works great, but I do wish it had a seat belt for when I am washing your brother's hair. I guess it is to keep people from leaving their babies in the bathtub alone and I would NEVER do that, I just want it to give myself another set of hands.  When I get you out of the bath and put lotion on you, you cry so loud.  I thought at first the lotion was burning you, but no matter what lotion I use you cry.  I think you just don't like being cold (I do warm it up with my hands, but I guess the lotion on your skin gets cold).
  • You still get irritated when Tait kisses and hugs on you, though you are starting to watch him and smile.  When he is doing something across the room, you will watch him and smile.  I can't wait to see you guys play together soon!!
We love little Lola Bean and are so thankful for her to be a part of our little family!!

(I still haven't gotten the pictures off of my camera, so I will have to add those later.)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lola is Two Month's Old

Well, I am about 4 days late on this post.  I think that is pretty good with my history with posts on this blog.  ha ha!
So, what are you up to this month:

  • You are still wearing Newborn clothes and diapers.  I have started to put you in size 1s in the last few days for overnight.  You started to leak when you had a BM overnight.  Speaking of, you do love to poop at night when you are eating.  That tends to keep us up longer.
  • Speaking of sleeping, you slept 8 hours last night on the 17th for the first time!!  You usually wake up once but last night was a treat.  You are doing well but I am hoping that this 8 hour thing becomes a habit before I go back to work.  I may be taking cat naps under my desk if not!!
  • You are still so tiny compared to other babies that are a month younger than you.  We have a Dr. appt tomorrow so I will update with your weight, but you are over 7.5lbs by now!!  You have also been able to wear some additional bows.  It is amazing that you have such a small head when your brother had a HUGE head and was in the 95% on head height!  ha ha.  You are very small and petite and very proportionate.  
  • You are still eating every 3 hours, though in the morning you stretch this to 4 hours.  You are up to eating about 120-130 ml every 3 hours and are still breast feeding.  You are getting breast milk and formula mixed in your bottles, because you hate straight formula.  We had to switch brands of formula to Enfamil Enfacare (high calorie preemie formula that you were put on by the NICU) because you did not like the Similac.  I think it was just too thick for you.  By this time with Tait I was done Pumping.  I only went 6 weeks with him (he wouldn't latch so I had to pump) so I am elated that we have made it 9 weeks and you are still going strong.  I also love that you will latch with the shield (you won't without it).  Today we went to Chick-fil-A and I had to take you to the car to BF because your milk was still cold.  It was nice and I was much more relaxed than I would have been trying to warm your milk and keep you from screaming in public!!
  • You are still sleeping in the Rock 'N Play.  You like to sleep elevated and we have not yet tried moving you to your room.  You sleep so much better elevated than on a flat surface.  I figure when you outgrow this we will put you back in the pack 'n play until you go to your room.  I am not in a rush because I don't want you to wake your brother at night and your room is right across the hall from his.  In fact, you woke him a few nights ago at 3 in the morning with your crying.
  • You love to take baths.  As soon as I put the warm wash cloth on you, you stop crying and relax.  
  • You have started smiling at me, though not very often.  Lately you will let out a couple of the most adorable coos.  You don't do it much and I think when you hear it you are still trying to figure out where the sound is come from.  I hope that you will start smiling and talking to us soon!
  • You stat daycare on Monday (July 22nd) so that Mommy can get used to leaving you with others before I go back to work.  I like the thought that I can get some things done like getting my hair cut, but I hate the thought of leaving you.  We will see how this goes. You are in the room with Delia (Lorelei's little sister) and Sydney.  Also, you will have Jane and Verna as your teachers.  They were Tait's teachers and I know you will love them.  In fact, when Verna held you yesterday you just stared at her and quieted up.  I think you are going to like her!!
  • Tait still loves you so much.  He tells you all the time that he loves you and that you are so pretty.  You don't seem to love him quite as much.  You tend to cry when he gets in your face or grabs your hands.  I can't blame you but I am looking forward to the day when you will giggle at him and fall in love with your big brother.

To show how tiny you are, here is a picture with a pacifier.  Even though you are so tiny, you look so big to me.  I almost forget until I see a stranger comment on your size.

 And, because mommy loves crying baby pictures....
And just so we don't leave big brother is a picture of the cutie pie!! 
I need to do a post soon on his weekend Soccer games.  Hopefully I can get it up in the next week.

UPDATE:  Lola is8lbs 3 oz. she is in the 2nd percentile for height at 21 inches. Her weight is not yet on the growth curve, but the Dr and nurse are excited at her weight gain. She is almost on the growth chart and doing great!  Her head size is 14 inches, well in line with her size. Guess Looa is not the bobble head her brother was!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Maternity Leave

I am half way through my maternity leave and wondering where the time went.  I feel like with Tait, I was much more mobile on my leave. With him we would go to Starbucks daily or head to the mall every couple of days. With Lola, I have enjoyed just being at home. Many times I would get the itching to get out, but it would pass as I held her in my arms.

Maybe it is because she is my last baby. Maybe because she wants to be held and cuddled so much. Maybe because she is breast feeding whereas Tait never latched and I was done pumping by this time. Whatever it is, it hasn't kept the days from flying by. B

Many days I sit on the couch cuddling my little angel.  I am not near as concerned with her sleeping in her own room, that time will come. I am not worried about schedules, those are impossible to keep with a four year old and his busy list of activities.  Dishes and laundry can wait because I know first hand how quickly these days go by and how I will long for lazy days holding my little one while she is this small.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

One month old comparison

Do you think they look alike?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lola is 1 Month Old!!

Today, Lola is celebrating her one month birthday!!  The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind since we got her home, but I wouldn't change one thing.  I am so grateful to have my baby girl at home and she is a very good baby.  I keep thinking of that song "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" because that is how it is with this girl.  She is very quiet and good natured, but will shout at you when she wants something.  She doesn't cry often, but she yells instead once or twice to tell you she wants something different or she is mad at you...and that is your clue to change it! ha ha  I think it is safe to say she has us trained.

Here are her stats for this month:

  • Lola is still wearing the Preemie size Pampers Swaddlers, but she is starting to grow out of her Preemie clothes and moving into newborn.  The onesie in the pictures is a newborn size and you can see how it is still a bit long for her.  She is still tiny and I have only been able to find a few headbands to fit her little head.  The pantyhose ones from Hobby Lobby are great!  I had to buy more because these are small enough to fit her head but will stretch out for when she is bigger.
  • Lola is eating about 100ml every 3-4 hours and right now typically gets up twice in the night to eat.  While that is worlds better than every the every 2 hour feedings that Tait had, she does seem to go longer stretches during the day than at night.  During the day she can easily go 4 hours, but at night we struggle with 3-3.5.  I think it is because she is a loud sleeper and I get up at night when she starts to stir.  During the day she will stir and then put herself back to sleep for a bit longer.  She does nurse much better than Tait, thanks to a breast shield. Yesterday, she did not want her bottle and wanted to nurse.  It seems to comfort her and put her to sleep. 
  • Speaking of loud sleeper, we had to move Lola into a pack 'n play.  She was sleeping in a bassinet that fit in our bed (with sides to protect her), but she was so loud that she would keep me and Nathan up at night.  Our friends, the Rineharts, loaned us a pack 'n play and it works great to let us get some more sleep.  Plus it has allowed Tait to sleep with us where there was no room before.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not!!  ha ha  At least Tait is a sound sleeper and he and Nathan sleep through the times I get up at night.
  • Lola's first outing was to Church this week. I put her in a Baby K'tan and she loved it. She made grunting/growling noises and kept Nathan and I giggling.  The carrier has been used quite a bit. I like how it keeps her covered from other people and their hands. I do get looks when I have her out since she is so tiny. I am sure people think she is only a few days old!  
  • Tait loves his little sister!  He constantly wants to touch her. I explained that we shouldn't touch her when she is sleeping. Unfortunately, Lola sleeps with her eyes open and Tait will argue that he is awake!
  • Tummy time has been going well. Lola will pick her head up and look the other direction. Tait will sit on one side and say her name to get her to turn her head.  At her newborn photo shoot the photographer mentioned how strong she is.  I can see that!  Lola is a very strong girl and that strength is what has saved her through her tough entry into the world.  
Lola is a great addition to our family.  I can say that I feel now as if our family is complete.  We have a wonderful boy and now our sweet girl.  I can't wait to watch Lola and Tait's relationship grow over the years.  I also can't wait to see how Nathan's relationship evolves with a baby girl.  Nathan is a wonderful father to Tait and Lola.  He has a great relationship with Tait doing boy things, and I am excited to see how he softens for his little lady!!  I try to send him pictures of her during the day because I know how much he misses her, especially on his first week back at work!

Happy One Month Birthday, Lola!!  We love you!!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My cuddle bug.

Life is perfect.