Friday, August 12, 2011

Banished to Bed for 72 hours

I am banished to bed for 72 hours due to a foot surgery yesterday. That means I will be able to get ahead on homework (hopefully, if I can get motivated), playing on the internet (probably too much) and watching daytime T.V. (yuck!). The best part is having my wonderful husband take care of me and cuddling with my favorite little man, Tait.

I wanted to document some of the fun things going on with Tait since I actually have time to put my thoughts down on "paper."

Potty Training
Tait is doing great with potty training. We have been putting him in underwear at nights and on weekends, but still sending him to school in a pull-up. The Thursday before last he told me he wanted to wear big boy underwear to school. I put him in some and said a prayer for his teachers (they are wonderful!). He did great! He has been averaging 1 accident a day since then, which I think is pretty darn great. Yesterday he did his first BM in the potty at school (does them at home for me, but I think it is because I remind him everytime he sits on the potty). I have been giving him blue M&M's (blue is his favorite color) for everytime he goes to the potty at school. This was the incentive he needed at school and since they can't give them to him there, I just show him his sheet when he gets home and he gets his treat for dessert!
I am soooo proud of him and can't stop telling him how he is such a big boy. He kind of rolls his eyes...guess I tell him how wonderful he is a bit too much, but I don't care! I love that boy!!

Nathan has been teaching Tait his letters with flash cards. In only about 2 weeks the boy has learned most of his letters! He still gets tripped up on some but he knows most of them and gets them perfect! The other day we were watching a movie and when the letters "DVD" came on the screen Tait pointed and said excitedly "DYD". He got one wrong, but I was so proud because he did it on his own and was trying so hard...and come one, a V and a Y look so similar! This boy is so smart!

Tait is not very musical. He doesn't sing much or dance, but every now and then he will want to sing a song or dance like people on T.V. The other night we were laying in bed and I asked him if he wanted to sing. His first choice of song is always "the abcd song", then it will be itsy-bitsy spider, then the "sunshine song" (You are my sunshine), a couple more and we always finish with "Puff the Magic Dragon". He got Puff The Magic Dragon book from Steph and James for his first birthday and he LOVES it. He loves anything dragon related!
The other night I started singing Puff and Tait told me to stop. He then went into a dramatic rendition of the Spider song complete with arm movements and dramatic singing. He was so funny. I took him to the other room to sing for his Dad and he completely clammed up. I guess he won't be a performer!

So Tait has decided he doesn't want to sleep in his own bed and has been sleeping in ours. Before you guys lecture me on this, I tried to get him to sleep in his own room. One night I was in class and Nathan locked him in his room and watched through the monitor. Usually Tait will just fall asleep in his rocking chair when we do this and this time he cried so hard that he threw up. Nathan refused to do that ever again, he felt so bad. So I took some advice from my friend Lily who reminded me that he isn't going to want to sleep with us forever, he will grow up and be too big for us. Since he is our one and only and there will be no more...I figure what the hay! Tait sleeps with us everynight and goes back and forth cuddling with me and Nathan. I can't say I mind it, how often do we get to cuddle with our little ones for hours on end. Plus I get more sleep with him in my bed rather than trying to put him in bed every couple of hours. I tried that and was a walking zombie for a week. Since I work full-time I don't have the luxury of taking a nap during the day, so I think this is the best thing for our family at this time. I never was one to let a baby sleep in the parent's bed, but I guess this is just one of those things that you end up doing different after you actually have a kid!

Tait is the MOST affectionate and sweet kid. He hugs and kisses me constantly. He tells us he loves us. He says thank you and welcome. He puts his empty cups in the sink for us. He is just all around a fabulous kid and I thank God everyday that he is my son. I honestly could not ask for a better kid!!

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