Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas in the McClure household was a great one this year. Even though we were missing our family, we had a nice quiet celebration at home.

Christmas Eve I was off work...Yay! Nathan took two weeks off work (thanks to comp time for working too many 100 hour weeks to count) so that he could work on Tait's Playroom. We found some great paintings and decided to go with a "Transportation" theme. Nathan decided to paint the entire room blue and a mural on two of the walls. It is looking fantastic so far!!

I made the mistake of running around to get some last minute stocking stuffers and food for Christmas Day. Nathan instead had the right idea and stayed home playing with Taitor Tot. That evening we went to Church service. I was nervous about taking Tait into the chapel but I was also excited for him to see his first Christmas service. We sat in the very back row...just in case. When the program started the lights were turned low and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop...right when Tait clapped his hands and yelled "YAY!!". The few rows around us laughed and the gentleman sitting in front of Tait gave him a highfive. I think it is safe to say Tait was excited too. For the beginning of the service his eyes were glued to the stage...unfortunately it didn't last too long.

Later in the service the Pastor asked all of the children to come up to the stage so he could read The Christmas Story about Joseph and Mary. Nathan took Tait to the stage since I was wearing a dress and couldn't sit like a lady. However, when Tait got to the stage he turned around and headed right back to his seat. Nathan looked at me across the church, shrugged and followed him back. Silly boy!

Tait was eating M&Ms (to keep him quiet) as they read the story. He had gotten chocolate on Nathan's sweater so I wiped it off his shoulder with a baby wipe. Tait saw me and wanted to wipe our shoulders with the wipe. As I started to relax, Tait did something that still puts me in stiches. He threw the baby wipe on the shoulder of one of the people in front of us! Nathan looked at me with wide eyes and instantly grabbed the wipe before the gentleman noticed. I was crying as I tried to hold in the laughter! It was hilarious.

Christmas morning we woke up Tait to come out and see what Santa had left him...he did not want to get out of our bed (after crawling in bed with us at 5am) so we had to entice him. Finally, he came out...

We asked him to turn on the Christmas lights. He turned on the big tree's lights...
But when he went to turn on the little tree's lights there was something different. Santa had left something for Tait! Cars!!!!!It is safe to say he was ecstatic for the cars. Opening presents was a bit more involved...I will post those later, have to run back to the office now. I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

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