Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, this Halloween has not turned out like I expect it to. I was so excited for Tait to trick-or-treat at the home office this week. Everyone at work decorated and a good portion dressed up. Everyone was in the best mood and ready for the kids to come through.

Nathan had been fighting illness all week and stayed home a couple of days. Today he decided to go the doctor because he wasn't feeling well. I felt awful today, but I held on at work because I didn't want to be a bad mom and keep Tait home from the festivities.

At 2pm I went to pick up Tait. I thought it best to get him early and be able to get through before the big crowd so that I could go home early (remember I was feeling awful). I picked Tait up at daycare and came home to change him into his costume. He has an adorable chick oufit. I put him in a onesie and tights and put him in the car. I figured I would put his oufit on when we got to the HO so that his car seat fit appropriately.

I pulled out of the neighborhood and Nathan called me to see where his medicine was. I had left it in my front seat, so I turned around to take it to him. Right when I was rounding the bend on my street and about to pull into my drive way, it happened. Tait threw up all over himself. :(

I am so bummed that he missed the trick-or-treating this year. This year he would have had much more fun than last year, especially since he couldn't eat the candy last year. However, we knew the sickness would hit him eventually...I just didn't think it could have been at a worse time!

Tait and I cuddled on the couch tonight and he ended up falling asleep in my lap. Times like this make me thank the Lord for having such a sweet little boy, especially since he gave me like 100 kisses tonight!!!!

I did get a fun video since I don't have any pictures in his costume. He knows all of his animal sounds...even obscure animals like a hyena (laughing). He can also name several items out of his picture books; things like tractors, balls, apples, balls, juice cups, balls...get the reoccurring theme? ha ha. Therefore I am trying hard to teach him his numbers. I have been trying for awhile now and he just picks up #2.
Watch for yourself!

Hope everyone's Halloween turns out better than ours...though my cuddling on the couch tonight with the cutest boy in the world made it turn out better than I could have ever planned.

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