Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Last week Nathan had to go out of town for work. It was a miserable week. Tait and I missed him so much. Finally, on Saturday he was headed home. Tait and I went to a local park with his buddy Holden. Holden is two days older than Tait, not that we didn't try our hardest to get Tait to have the same birthday. He was a Valentine's baby and Nathan and I thought that would be so cool for Tait to have a birthday on Valentine's day. However, Tait is a stubborn boy and wants his day all to himself. LOL!
Tait LOVED the swing. He swung forever!! He laughed and giggled and had a jolly old time. When I took Tait off of the swing so Holden could have a turn, he threw a fit! He sat down on the ground and wailed. The older girl next to me was taken off the swing by her mother so Tait could swing some more. Even when he got his way he pouted and acted like he wasn't happy. See the next picture for proof!

Later that night Tait fell asleep, hard. He was sitting in his highchair snoozing. I took him out and laid him on the floor. This is how he got comfortable. Yes, that is a bear skin rug you see in the picture. I ordered it off the internet for some baby pictures when he was only a couple of months old last June. The pictures are some of my absolute favorite ones too!

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of Nathan and Tait this Father's day. Here is a picture from last year when my baby was just a teeny taitor tot! He is such a doll. I am lucky to have him and his father in my life and get to spend every day with them. I love my boys more than words could say! MUAH!

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