Monday, May 3, 2010

A Year Makes a Difference

I am sitting at my computer procrastinating studying for the test I have Thursday night. Remind me why I went back for my MBA?!?! Actually, I love class. It is the homework that I hate. Anyway, I was sitting here trying to find anything else in the world to do when I started "blogstalking". It is my not-so-secret obsession (well, not now anyway) that I tend to read blogs to find out what everyone else is doing. My life is so boring I have to dream others have exciting ones I can read about.

I noticed several blog people are having babies. I also know a few people at work who have little ones or are about to have little ones. It makes me a bit sad and I think back to when my Tait was just a wee little Taitor Tot. :( For fun I went and looked at iPhoto to see what he looked like a year cute, and so needing a haircut. People wonder why I keep his hair so short, I am just tired of cutting it. 14 months and he has had 8-9 haircuts, that is a bit ridiculous! I do love his long hair though...maybe I will grow it out!

Here is a picture for you to see how bitty he was last year.

I miss those sweet cheeks. He has slimmed down so much in the past couple of months. I think it is because he is a ball of energy. He jumps off of the couch, climbs on whatever he can find. I think he is trying to give his mother a heart attack.

Here is a picture from today. It is on my phone, so don't expect it to be too good of quality.
This morning he wanted to hold his balls (which he is obsessed with) while he sat in his car seat. If you look closely he has a baseball (baybaa as he says) and a BIG orange ball. He held the balls all the way to school in the backseat. He is the silliest thing!
I have been watching two teeth of Tait's that have been trying to come in for months. They are both the first molars on the top. He has been in a ton of pain and I feel so bad for him. Last night he had a bottom front tooth (he already has the middle two) pop up out of nowhere. Now my little man officially has 7 teeth! He is a bit behind some of the other kids in his class, but he is smart as a whip so I am not too concerned about him being slow to grow teeth.

We have been going on nightly walks or bike rides with Tait. I just downloaded some pictures off of my camera of how he usually comes home at the end of the ride.
So Sweet...
I really can't imagine our lives without this sweet boy! Here is one more picture to finish my blog that makes me smile...

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