Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Memorial Day Weekend this year has been a blast, and I still have one more day to enjoy. Nathan and I had a small BBQ yesterday with our good friends The Martinez family, Crystal and a new friend Elly. All day Saturday, Nathan stayed home so that he could smoke an amazing briquet. It was so delicious. So, Tait and I stayed home with him and enjoyed the outdoors. We went to the pool for a bit, which is why Tait is in his swimsuit. This boy loves the outdoors and wants to go play every day. Thank God for SPF 50!!

First things first...this boy NEEDED another haircut. It is funny when I hear Donnetta (the lady who cuts his hair) remark each time about how many haircuts he has had. He is now had number 9 or 10...I lose track. I decided to go SHORT so I don't have to take him every 2-3 months. He is so cute with this haircut, he looks like a miniature version of his daddy.
One of Tait's favorite things is to play in the water when Nathan is watering his flowers. Tait will now go into the closet in the garage, pull out the watercan and take it to Nathan to fill up with water. Yesterday we just decided to play with the water can and he could wash his hands in it. He loved it. Until....
...Nathan sprayed the water over his head. Laughter ensued (from Nathan and I, not Tait!).This face just cracks me up!!! He is so funny!!

In the backyard Tait is a handful. Yesterday we had to work hard to keep him away from the hot grill. He was happily getting into EVERYTHING else! He went over to this hummingbird feeder and we kept telling him to not touch it. The food in it is so sticky and we don't want him to break it or empty it out. He looked at me in the eyes, grinned and hugged the feeder. He is such a manipulator...he thinks that if he gives you or someone a hug, you can't be mad at him anymore. He is such a sweet boy and give everyone hugs and kisses, but I am beginning to think he is just playing us!
He also loves the birdhouses we have in the backyard. This one doesn't have seed in it, we keep that one up high in the tree. However, Tait will try and crawl under it and eat the seed that the birds knock out. I don't know why he does this...I promise I feed him. In fact, the boy ate and ENTIRE clamshell of blueberries yesterday by himself!! He ate another half container today. I do think this boy is going to turn into a blueberry, but he LOVES fruit and vegetables. The dr told us last week at his 15 month appointment that we needed to get his weight up (he is in the 5th percentile for weight and the 15th for height) but I feed him constantly...he is just picky. He likes fruit, veggies, chicken and LOVES yogurt. I tried giving him cereal yesterday and he wouldn't touch it. He kept doing the sign for more...then when he really wanted blueberries he SAID the word "More". Today at Walmart we passed a feature of blueberries and he said "Bue-Bue-Bue-Ball" (his name for blueberries...quite a good name considering they really are just blue balls).
We also bought him a lawn mower. This ones blows bubbles and he loves is. Trouble is we couldn't get it to really blow many bubbles, then Tait decided to "look under the hood" and knocked the bubbles over and the cap fell off. I just took the bubbles off and he happily pushes the lawn mower around the yard. How funny will he think the picture below is when he is 16 and complaining about mowing the yard? I will tell him how he used to love to do it! (Love me some momma blackmail!)
Here is a really good picture of his haircut. He is such a ham and I love this little boy more than words could say.
I hope all of you are having a great Memorial Day. Take a second and say a prayer for all of our soldiers who are fighting for us, have fought for us or are preparing to do so someday. My big brother is over there now and I say a prayer for him every night. I am counting the days until he can come home safe and sound. Love you Tim and we are thinking about you!

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