Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tait's First Trip to McDonald's

Yesterday we decided to take Tait for his first trip to McDonald's. On one hand, I couldn't believe it took us 14 months...but on the other, this was the first time I have been to McDonald's in over 5 years. We are much more of a Chick-fil-a family!

First of all, I was shocked that a McDonald's doesn't have high chairs! I mean, come on! This place is designed all around children and you don't even have a place a little one can sit safely. Luckily, Nathan bought this bag that turns into a booster seat the other day at Target. We leave it in the back of his car and it has come in handy several times. I still am shocked that any fast food restaurant today doesn't offer a high chair or booster seat. I think mothers need to throw a fit at these places! A 14 month old sitting on your lap is NO
T an ideal situation for a restaurant.

I also was unimpressed with their Caesar Salad. The dressing said it was Newman's Own...but it did NOT taste like the dressing I have at home. Thankfully they had a yogurt parfait and that was delicious. Nathan said of course it was...he said it was full of sugar. I am hoping that is not true. Tait also only picked at his food. Half could have been because he hasn't been feeling that great (another ear infection) and part could have been that the chicken was in no way as good as Chick-fil-a.

Tait did have a blast and really enjoyed the toy that came with his happy meal. I do have to say I was impressed by the toy. It was very cut
e and I was surprised at it being a freebie. It was a dragon that spit flames. It was to promote the new movie out in theaters...I guess I will have to wait for video on that one!

We had blast and can't wait for our next "new" trip to take Tait on.

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  1. My dragon didn't spit fire! I'm takin' mine back!!!!! However, Bejan did get me a "Toothless" one that is super cute!